the second demonstration in Bireuen - rejecting the omnibus law

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This time the demonstration took place in the city of Bireuen, Aceh. The demo was the second volume demonstration carried out by demonstrators after the first volume which was held on the 8th yesterday, today the demonstrators held a second demonstration because the work copyright bill had not yet received a response from the Bireuen DPRK, therefore students held this second demonstration. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ The demonstrators met at a predetermined gathering point, namely the grand mosque of Sultan Jeumpa at 09.00 WIB, then the protesters moved to the point of action, namely at the DPRK Bireuen office to stage a demonstration against the work copyright bill that was just passed by the Indonesian Parliament a few days earlier. . _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ The action this time led to clashes between the police and demonstrators, just like before, this clash occurred because there were elements who carried out provocations so that clashes occurred between police and students, demonstrators held demonstrations so that the copyright work bill was canceled, but the councils people's representatives have not taken a single action to get the bill canceled, or at least the House of Representatives to meet demonstrators to have discussions about the bill.


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