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How's everyone doing?

Well, isn't the world just a whole bunch of crazy at the moment?! Between this never-ending Justin debacle, COVID19, the markets and a million other things - it's all just one big WTF moment really! I had plans for what I wanted to post today but in all honesty, my head just wasn't in it. My mind and time has just been occupied by so many other things, so I just kinda felt like popping in here to see how everyone else is doing? How are things on your end of the world? What's happening (with whatever), how are you feeling about it? - whatever! Let's connect!

For me, it has been a bit on the manic side... we finally got feedback from our president yesterday regarding the way forward for the country as a whole (COVID19 related). Jude's school campuses were shut down last week Thursday and today I had to go and collect all his hard copy work books so that he can start with his online lessons that the school has prepared in the morning. It was quite sweet actually as even their physical ed teacher is posting fitness and workout videos for them too haha!

We went out to go and stock up on some basics and needless to say, the panic buying has already started. It is going to be a very different and interesting few weeks or even months ahead.

It is difficult not to panic in situations like this, but it is so important that we don't! Nothing sensible ever comes from that.

Anyhooo, enough about that...

As for the Steem drama, I honestly don't even know what to say anymore - it is beginning to feel endless and I would be lying if I said I felt completely comfortable about anything right now.

But yeah, like I said... I came here to hear back from all of you! Not all of us are connected via discord where live chat is an option and now that so many of us are pretty much homebound... we may as well keep one anothers spirits up as well as stay entertained! There is enough doom and gloom floating around so, whilst keeping it honest and real, let's also try to lean toward the positives :)

I will attempt to lighten the mood... so yes, last night our president Cyril Ramaphosa gave his speech to the country and also decided to throw in a new greeting for all of us to use instead of a handshake... needless to say, within minutes one of our local bands called "The Kiffness" decided to give it a little remix haha....

So what do you have to say for yourselves... :)


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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We're holding pretty good here in South Texas USA. Our restaurants started closing today for dine in. Take only.

But were are not panicking just cautiously optimistic :)

I've already been dealing with health and other crap that this was just what I wanted to see. OVER REACTION !! uggg.. Every few years this seams to be an issue and we all seam to survive (for the most part). I am not too worried about steem. I think it will get worked out for the most part, and if not we'll find something else to migrate to.

I find it funny that instead of hand shakes, they want us to bump elbows .. the very thing they tell us to cough into! hmmmm... haha.

The panic purchases have begun over here too. Logic is out the window and people feed into what the media keeps plastering all over the place. I have to laugh and suppose wait it all out. Normal, whatever that is, will return once again.

Talk soon!!

I have a feeling the current coronavirus circus will end up having far-reaching ramifications we cannot even begin to fathom at this point.

This may, indeed, be the last hurrah of "Predatory Capitalism" as the greedmongers discover that their wealth becomes decimated by collapsing (traditional) money markets, and all the money int he world still can't buy them an exemption from illness.

Meanwhile, people's sense of community will grow, because it will be through cooperation (much of it voluntary) that we'll make it through all of this. What's more... all those people who have been preaching "decentralization" will have their day in the sun... because what's more decentralized than all of us sitting at home, each with our own little "node" of life and information to share with the world and help out fellow citizens?

What's front and center may seem very bleak and scary, but the greater story arc here may well turn out to be very golden!

You and Jude stay healthy, OK?


Well, here in my school we are having vacations before that scheduled, which is dificult when my class is about staging a play with the students. When we get back to work it will be so difficult to finish on time. :( But, that's it, I hope we learn many things about our goverments and their intentions and solutions into these crisis.
Hope the best for you and yours, @Jaynie, much patience, health and care in this days!!

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it's all just one big WTF moment

Yup... we should get t-shirts made with this saying... because ALL of it is so fitting.

Nothing to say! Just freaking out from Corona viruse. Please be safe with your family. Tomorrow whole Europe will lock down. Gosh!

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It's funny to me that Vietnam isn't overreacting the way that it seems western countries are. I was in a supermarket today and it was business as usual. Fully stocked with everything and about the same amount of people as always (not many)... Even though this isn't a big toilet paper culture over here since everyone uses some sort of bidet, the TP section of the store was completely full of stock and completely devoid of people.

This is one aspect of the all the panic buying that truly do not understand.

It really will be interesting to see how things carry on from this point forward, I picked a good time to move here because if i had waited just a few weeks longer I might have been unable to come here!


"My Corona" ... love it. That really does inspire us into believing that something substantial is being done, doesn't it? You know, if you and Fiona got together, got liquored up and made a dance video ... it would probably go viral on Steemit. :-)

As I read your post, I couldn't help but think, "Poor Jude." Now there's absolutely no escaping Mommy. And now that you're his tutor, he'll be begging to be admitted anywhere else for his lessons. The army. An asylum. Prison.

"My Mom is just TOO friggin' competitive! She makes me do pushups ... and that stupid elbow dance."

Concerned that people were overreacting and becoming morbidly depressed in the process, I decided to re-direct their gaze back to something more familiar and psychologically pleasing:



I am not afraid of my fellow men and women, and I am continuing to shake hands whenever they are offered to me. This is crazy, we have gone nuts to be so afraid of this virus. But the video is very funny!!!

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All that matters is the friends we have made and the fun that was had. The name of the site doesnt mean much.

Every day I am amazed at history being made. To paraphrase Ollivander, these are "great things – terrible, yes, but great." Not soon to be forgotten.