My poetry: The poet says fatigue is a kind of death

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The poet says fatigue is a kind of death.
Then I die again and again
I'm tired of dying again,
I am in the first soft light of dawn
Uniquely present yourself,
Then the intensity of the sun continues to increase
Comes back to all those old ones again
I left the monotony stagnant.
I can't respect anyone
All I can do is love
But what is the price of this love? Where alive
Skeletons always are seen I accumulate steroids.
So my call for love is gone
In the chest of that deep footless forest
There are only a few unheard birds calling,
I am deceived by the title of being awarded in society.
So today there is only one wish
That someone at least one day
Say it rises above all interests
Break the fence of all rules and just become human
How are you?


Very nice poetry, Thanks for sharing