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I went for a walk yesterday, late in the afternoon ...


... through the meadows along the sea, in the coastal area about 5 kilometers from where I live ... and while the evening was approaching ...


... I stumbled upon some wild orchids.


I saw and photographed three species ... this is the first one - the Anacamptis morio, commonly known as the Green-winged orchid.


I found a nice bunch of these orchids ...


... more than 20 plants with flowers ... I stopped counting after twenty, with a few more orchids in sight.


Some meters further, I saw a different species ... lit by the soft, warm and quite beautiful evening light.


These gorgeous flowers ...


... belong to the Anacamptis papilionacea ...


... commonly known as the Pink Butterfly-orchid.


On this one the flowers aren't completely opened and developed.


When I found this Serapias lingua, commonly known as the tongue-orchid ...


... the night was near, so after this shot, I was on my way home.
As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


I have also seen some orchids but maybe another variety you put the scientific name on it, I just admire them, look at this one, there is no doubt that it is a very beautiful flower.


Greetings :) very beautiful flower.

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Muchas gracias .
Feliz tarde

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Thank you :)

Yay! 🤗
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Loved the Pink Butterfly-orchid! The tongue orchid was cool too!

Thanks :) The orchids come in a variety of cool and extravagant shapes ... very photogenic flowers.

I sure want to live where you are, @borjan!!


Holy cow! I want to live where you live 😃 .. Those are some incredible shots and really, REALLY beautiful wild specimens. The Anacamptis morio was my favorite due to the spotting on her petals. I loved that about the flowers. I have to say the Tongue-Orchid is quite interesting.. reminds me of a bird house or something.. really cool and I bet even cooler to see it in the wild like this.

Thank you for sharing.. I thoroughly enjoyed it 😁

Thanks :) Yes, the orchids come in many extravagant shapes and fortunately can be still found here on the coastal meadows ... but they are seriously endangered in my area while their habitat is disappearing, replaced by hotels, apartment buildings, recreational parks with invasive ornamental vegetation, golf courses and stuff like that ... it's an attractive seaside area ready to be turned into a mass media - induced vision of paradise ... brainless, unsophisticated tourism - related investments are awaiting.
But ok, if they disappear here, the species will survive in the less attractive places a bit more inland.

it's an attractive seaside area ready to be turned into a mass media - induced vision of paradise ... brainless

How very Sad and True is this statement. And maybe one day when the tourists stop coming and the golf courses are no longer walked on, those plants will make a return and reclaim what was originally theirs. Hopefully. It's a shame that this is the way of humans.

Thanks again for sharing a little piece of REAL Beauty.. Natural Beauty! 😊

Great photos !!! For their beauty, these wild ones can easily be compared to their competitors from the shops.

Yes, there is a lot of beauty and diversity among orchids. These wild ones in my area are pretty small, but they have interesting shapes and colors like the big ones.

Such a beautiful thing all by itself out there in the meadows.

Nice three wild Orchids photography.

Thanks :)

Love Orchids they are so beautiful and elegant I just did a post on Orchids also a nursey I visited.

I just saw the post about the Eden Byron Bay Garden Center. Great variety of flowers and colors in that post :) looks great.

Thanks buddy 👍

The tongue orchids are very interesting! These wild orchids have bright pink and purple colours! So nice to find some wild orchids among the grass.