we-the-people - Month #1 (12/05/2020-12/06/2020)

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Month #1

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

A few days late we-the-people publish the first month's report as Hive witness.

Here are the basic facts:

Rank: 152/116
Votes (Total Mv): 931
Voters: 49
Blocks: 10
HP: 12.2
Earnings: $ 3.05
Maintenace server: $ 30
Balance: -26.95 $
Followers: 18

we-the-people continues to vote 10% his supporters' posts.

we-the-people has not exceeded expenses of $ 30 for this first month, therefore it has a monthly budget of -26.95 $, despite this, we-the-people has decided to transfer a symbolic value of 0.02 Hive to all his supporters, asking them to involve other Hivers in order to reach and exceed the costs of maintaining the server to run the witness and thus be able to redistribute a part of the earnings, as established.
Here's who benefited from the very small amount sent by we-the-people for this first month:

we-the-people proposed, in this first month, through Dpoll, two surveys:

Do you agree or disagree with the black list created by @arcange?

Here are the results:

Do we-the-people have to use downvotes?

Here are the results:

we-the-people discord channel
Where you can make your survey proposals, make suggestions, etc.

Thanks for voting us as a witness, for supporting, for reblogging!


Spamming stakeholder wallets with memo's is not the way to go about receiving witness votes.

Can be you're right, but a small new witness have no many other ways to try to let people know that he exists.

We all started as small new witnesses and they are plenty of other ways to show people you are a valuable witness. You simply choose the shortest, easiest and least honorable path under cover of "democracy"

We have seen many "witnesses" coming with money-for-vote promises like yours. They all pocketed the money and went away, without bringing any long term added-value to the platform.

Hence why this kind of initiative is not welcome.

lol i I didn't even notice the money4vote part.


Hi @arcange, thanks for sending back this small trasfer.
Do you think that sending small amount by transfer is spamming users?
We take this idea from you:

and we think is not really spamming, you can just read it or ignore it.

If we send a lot of these transfers, yes, can be call it a spam, but only one, just to kindly ask to take a look to our witness, we think is not spamming.

We respect your opinion and will never send a transfer to you again, we are so sorry.

Have a nice day.

"Spamming is the use of messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam) to large numbers of recipients for the purpose of commercial advertising"
source: wikipedia

According to this definition, sending out 937 unsolicited transfers, begging people for their witness vote and linking to a post where you offer rewards for votes is indeed spamming.
Paying people to get a vote is all but democracy and more related to a commercial activity to me.

There is a HUGE difference with me sending a message to say thank you to the ones who did something on their own initiative!

So please don't mislead people by telling it's been one of my ideas.

I like the engagement on the polls. What are the numbers behind it? Could you post those as well?

With things like the witness, sometimes it unfortunately takes a bit of time to get some traction. Thankfully the rank of 112 is better then when I first started supporting the witness. I think it was at 140 or 130 somewhere so that's good at being 112! Hopefully we can get you into the top 100.

@knowhow92 @chekohler @edicted hopefully you guys can get rid of one of your witness votes for the top 40 and give this one some support so we can get it into the top 100 so it can have a better shot at getting blocks!

I'm currently voting for 8 witnesses :D

I had to unvote the top 30 because a lot of accounts are still auto-voting them from the hostile takeover.

Yeah I removed my vote for most of the top 30. I still have it for some of them that I like such as the PeakD team and maybe one or two more but largely I'm voting for witnesses out of that. I can still adjust mine further and need to check it routinely to see who disconnected their witness node.

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Thanks a lot for the amount you sent. I am also a new user. But been offline hive for 3 weeks due to lack of support by most of the top witness or those with huge number of hives.
It kind of looks like they only upvote those whom they know personally.

It's refreshing to know that you are also here.

Penso che in questo momento di avvio le poche risorse guadagnate debbano essere mantenute per future necessità.

I think that at this starting point the few resources earned should be maintained for future needs.

I don't say your idea to let 'people' (= accounts?) decide would be bad ... but couldn't I simply increase my influence by creating lots of small accounts which were all voting in your dpoll surveys and receiving rewards from you?

every month 50% of the profits deriving from the writing of the blocks (excluding the maintenance costs of the server, today $ 30/month) will be equally distributed (one vote, one share) among all those who have kept their vote for the whole month (to avoid scrounge an activity check on users can be applied)

Now we have only 52 votes, and no profits, so the problem is not in place, but, as stated in our post, we will implement some activity check.

If you want, in Hive, you can have many accounts, is not our choice, is a fact.
We think that if you are able to manage many accounts, write many post for each account, do curation, and so on, is an implicit fact that you make value for Hive more than who have only one account, so, for us is ok.
To avoid many small fake accounts we will discuss with a poll how to check your Proof of Activity; can be every account must have a minimum of post per month and/or a minimum of votes or something more complex.

The focus, for us, is to foster activity because we think that we have to balance the power of great stakers with the power of little accounts that do really make value producing posts, because if Hive have only curators and no one that write, will be, in the long run, an empty place with no value at all.

I can write a bot that will create accounts, vote, write random posts, comments, transfers... in few days/weeks. And I'm far from being best dev here. This is the reason why 1 account 1 vote is not best way on Hive.

Currently, there are botnets with over 100k accounts and less than 10k active Hive accounts.

Currently, there are botnets with over 100k accounts and less than 10k active Hive accounts.

If they are not active, is not the right example.

Anyway, if you are able to write random posts with a great content and no plagiarism, completely automated, I think there is no way to stop you.
With or without we-the-people and his redistribution policy, you will be a whale in a while!

Botnets are not active because there is no reason for them to be active. They have almost no HP.

There is a difference between great content and low-quality content (like most posts on hive). How to separate normal users posting low quality vs bot posting low quality.

Thanks for your reply!

In my case several accounts, for example my wife, @kobold-djawa, use @jaki01 as proxy. In your model that would be disadvantageous, right?

We think that set a proxy for witness voting is not a good thing, so, yes, if we see only an account we send only to this account and vote only posts from this account.

I got your message and voted for you as a witness!


Baci !BEER & abbracci

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

So...who are you and why can you be trusted?

NO one can be trusted, you can vote or not, if you vote you have to check periodically and decide to keep or to delete the vote.
At the moment @ilnegro and @thelord.oflords are running we-the-people, is not a secret, nothing is a secret in hive blockchain, we hope.