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RE: Etch Art 刮刮畫

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I like the idea and the project as well. Where have you bought it from? Maybe I can find some in the local supply shop but I've never seen it here. Or maybe I've never paid attention to it.
What do you have in mind? I'm not sure but something related to hive I believe, something motivational or maybe you want to start sending them to various users, although with the pandemic that is less likely.
Either way I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be up to 😊
That works requires a lot of patience and precision, so good luck!


I got these from a local bookshop that sells a bunch of kids toys, stationery, arts and craft stuff etc, You probably have it lurking around one of your local stores as well, and like you say, you just don't pay attention to these sort of stuff. I never did until I saw someone mention it on a TV program the other day, and then went looking for it.

You're starting to read my mind!! I'll probably end up doing something Hive related, perhaps my handle though I will have to be creative to fit it all on the same card, that will be a nice challenge. Will definitely share it if I manage to pull it off, as I'm not the most creative person.


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