Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Three Arrows

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How things can change in such a short period of time. I drove past ‘The Three Arrows’ in May 2020 and highlighted it as a fail not even trying to gain entrance.


It looked like a casualty of lockdown which would re-open when the world returned to normal. Except, there is no normal anymore.

The pub that has been plagued with a history of dogging on their car park appears to have gone under.

Angry landlady posts doggers' XXXL underwear on Facebook and says she has to clean up after them

Not only it was doggers, but the XXXL type. The footage on their CCTV would have been quite overbearing to view, or great depending on your personal pornographic tastes and opinion of BBW's.

…’The Three Arrows during happier... open times’…

The past reviews I have read all appear quite positive. It was not a bad pub and a decent eat so why did it shut up shop?


Fast forward 6 months and the picture (below) I see is quite different. Notice all the tiles on the roof are now loose. Did we have such a windy summer, or was there some foul play at hand?


I was given a tip about how to get in and that 'The Three Arrows' was about to be featured in 'The Urban Explorer's Coach Trips’ with premium tickets and transport starting at only £10 return.

We had to get there quick and so made it the first location on our hot agenda of NINE that day. @anidiotexplores had been there just one day before us.

Fuck, it’s been sealed’, I stared at @dizzydiscovery in dismay. The sealers had been and within a day, and we were shit out of luck.

Not content to just walk away, we scoured the outside looking for weaknesses like a couple of hungry hyenas in need of their first meal of the day.

…’and then I saw it, the way in, this would not end in defeat after all’…

While not disclosing the way in, it was a little more challenging than usual and allowed me to shed a few more calories than a simple walk-in.

I also want to emphasize..., 'we did not break in'




It was apparent several idiots had already been inside 'The Three Arrows'. I mean, why pull the kitchen units away from the fucking wall. What purposes does that serve?



I did not check the expiry dates; I know the pub has not been closed for more than a year.


A toilet I can use…, almost.




These must have been attached to the walls, in the main dining area. What is the reason for detaching them?


It was dark within the inner corridors. We needed the massive light to get any meaningful photography.




Plenty of bric-a-brac left behind, and lots of Carlsberg glasses.


That's still a respectable-looking bar, and far from the usual sights I see.


'The Three Arrows' in the 1960's?


Sadly the champagne was missing from these boxes.



Besides the dearth of tables, some broken glass and items haphazardly strewn about, it was still in good condition.




We Brits tend to have theme nights, one thing we can agree on is that Fish is always served on Fridays.


There were even a few drinks still on offer if you like Orange juice.


This is the usual type of pub food and not overly expensive.


Removing the rubber machine might have helped with the dogging problem.




The kitchen did not stink too badly; I did not open this jar of pickled onions, just to have a smell.




None of this and none of that, what kind of a restaurant is this?






Looks at those San Miguel glasses; pristine!



What a great seating area in that corner. If the food was not shit or even average, it would have been nice once.


Broken glass, wherever you look and mixed in with all kinds of other objects.



They always seem to leave the condiments behind. Sauce anyone?




I wonder what that used to house?


Those juices looking a little too festered. As thirsty as I was, I declined to have a taste.


We left feeling quite victorious. Getting in was not so easy and did test my dexterity more than normal.

I saw little other reports about 'The Three Arrows' during October 2020 after we visited.


I feel it may have been off-limits to most explorers who lacked a certain…, how can I put this… creativity when looking for alternative methods of gaining entry.


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That’s nice, mind you it is lacking any pictures of said doggers.
About 30years ago I pulled into a picnic area near Chester for a slash, as I was parking up some car behind me started flashing it’s lights at me. I was very nieve at the time, they kept flashing as I was checking.
Funk off fella there is nowt wrong with my car!
Walked over to remonstrate with dickhead,the flashing stopped,he had wound his window down.
He was grinning broadly
He was getting noshed off
Happy days
I later discovered Brixton roundabout was notorious for this kind of outrageous display of love and affection.

Your demands are getting worse, images of live doggers needed now! I had a similar encounter back around 1984. I was at Chorlton Bus Station in Manchester waiting...

Some bloke sat a little too close for comfort and kept saying, 'You're in my way'. I walked off in the end confused no realising that this rhymed with something else.

Well if you will hang about near canal street in tight short shiny rubber shorts, what else do you expect!

'I was just a skinny lad, never knew no good from bad'.., was completely oblivious!

😂 😂 😂

There must be millions of glasses left in abandoned pubs around the country. I'm sure someone would smash them for 'fun'.

The longer it is left, the more things will be smashed. Saying that.. I have been in many places derelict for a long time and seen beer glasses lined up like these. !BEER seems appropriate.

Hey @steevc, here is a little bit of BEER from @slobberchops for you. Enjoy it!

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Man you guys really went all out. It's pretty sad how the place looks.looters or explorers, why trash the place though. People are dumb and maybe covid is just a way to get population under control. But then thexxxxxl doggoos are obviously not being targeted here lol.

Thanks for 5skibg us on a little adventure though !

Not all are explorers, some are out to mindlessly trash places. That's just the way it is, and why the good places are kept secret.

Indeed. It takes all sorts.... I mean look at you. Your profile pic always disturbs me slightly when I see it. Truly slobbery!😂

The place still looks ok inside in comparison with other locations I have seen. The bar is quite decent looking. I wonder how it will look like one year from now, things change so fast when it comes to abandoned places

In one year it may be a lot worse, depending if it's current place to go. I haven't seen in around for a while, so there may be hope. It is marked as 'Permanently Closed', so know it's truly abandoned.

It suprised me how much it has decayed, especially because you posted a picture of the place when it was open.

Ouch, that red carpet! That is just something special right there.

I mean, why pull the kitchen units away from the fucking wall. What purposes does that serve?

They were probably trying to get at the copper so they could scrap it. That would be my guess anyway.

All of the glassware in there, that is pretty awesome. I am shocked more of that stuff wasn't gone or broken.

Scrappers... I always forget about them. Is it really that valuable?

If it's copper then yeah. Other metal not as much, but it adds up when you hit 10 to 20 buildings per day!

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Oh, yes! Copper is king now! It runs from $1.50 to $2.00 a pound. Decent money for scrap. Most of those buildings are scoured for what they can make money on without stealing the things that will be noticed (pictures, booze, and things of value, although that is debatable)

The bar was intact, surprisingly. Maybe a nice little meetup place.

Insane amount of glasses left! When I was younger and just being able to get into bars, I loved collecting glasses with bar names on them. I have to admit, you are rather clever at breaking in finding a way that allows you to enter!

You had me at xxxl dogging!

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