Tales of the Urban Explorer: Heaton Royds Special School

in Urban Explorationlast year (edited)

I am reading that Heaton Royds was a 'special' school and not a general infant's school as I first thought.

A few people I am connected with have been there recently, and I was told that access was relatively simple and not to expect too much.


The school was closed in 2010 amid fears of structural inadequacies. It was purchased in 2015 for the purposes of house building which has not happened yet.

Someone tried to burn it down in 2018, pissing off the nearby residents. The story is here. Planning permission was withdrawn last year giving little hope to the former school and its future.

We drew up in the afternoon, as normal, parking not too close and walking to our target. It is at the end of a lane, and besides another house that overlooks it, there is little else around.


I knew of the Heaton Royds sign which is at the old entrance to the school and wanted my shot.

The bad news was a black BMW with lowered suspension, blackened windows and both doors open was right next to it.

I had my suspicions about what was going on and regardless walked to the sign to get my photograph, and evidence that this was Heaton Royds school.

While trying to not look at the inhabitants I couldn’t miss the massive bong that was next to the car and around 3 feet in height.

There were two Asian blokes in the car, quite oblivious to me and off their heads. Leave them too it I thought and re-joined @dizzydiscovery who didn’t want to engage.


I think this post may come under the ‘crackhouse’ title but it may have been some other substance, who knows?


Access was a rudimentary affair and was did spot some kids arsing about, who cleared off quickly when they say ‘big bad us’ coming in.


For something so wrecked it was quite well sealed up. Generally, you need to get into the grounds and then into the premises, that's two points of entry.


In the end, was spotted an opening and got inside what remained of a school.


…’there’s always that long corridor shot, I want a shadowy form to appear at the other end but it never happens’…



The longer a place is left, the fewer signs remain. This was one of the few we found inside. I still don't know where the Headmasters office is.




The sun was shining outside and the roof in a bad state. It does make for interesting photography at times.


There is no ‘upstairs’ at Heaton Royds school. It can’t have housed many kids when active. These were just a few steps.



This may have been the assembly hall; it was larger than most rooms.




Some evidence of children and their activities, give it a few more years and this will be gone.




Within 15 minutes we were at the other end of the school which was much more open to the elements.


The outside areas are getting jungle-like with shrubbery and weeds going wild.


A fox passed close by us, a rare sight during the day. An old post here with (very small) photographs of a much better condition Heaton Royds school in years gone by also mentions foxes.


Nothing has changed in that respect, though we found none inside the school.


We left and noticed the black BMW driving wildly down the road at an amazing rate of knots, but somehow not managing to smash into any stationary cars. What were they smoking?


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Liking the tags :) You do come across some dodgy characters. I would have run a mile from them. Some nice lighting effects here, but the graffiti is not up to much. What do they teach kids these days? Obviously not art.

If the cops would have arrived they would have been busted proper. The bong was not inside the car, but next to the open door. So blatant!

'Suck my Fuck' was bad enough but 'Death live here' ??? That person definitely has issues with verb conjugations...

I hate ungrammatical graffiti :)

That one has seen its better days alright. Even the quality of the graffiti is not up to par with many of your other showings.

Hardly the brightest bunch!

Think the graffiti was done by individuals with special needs

Not the best is it? As we were leaving another car pulled up and were thinking of going in, newbies.., I don't know whether they did. Every man and his dog is doing it now. They were hardly dressed for it.

Flip flops? Or dressed like they are members of the SAS all in black stupid masks etc etc,

SAS all in black stupid masks

Haha, I know the type!, these were ordinary people, the woman had a dress FFS, you don't go in these places with such attire.

I believe that the majority of schools will soon look like that one because of Covid-LIEteen

Schools will likely survive, businesses not so. Many have not re-opened in the UK though they 'legally' are allowed to now. The towns have a fraction of the shoppers they used to have, people have adapted and this heralds a major change to our lifestyles.

#mightbecracknotsure is very right! That is a good one, I liked the paintwork on the little kids room, the octopus, top notch. Remarkably graffiti free apart from eating the rich!

There were boobies and a vagina in the other room, not exactly Picasso quality!

Hehe, someone was obviously feeling frisky in the dark!!

Are those wall writings meant to scare people? Because it made me laugh

They don't do a good job, I keep going back to these places!

That looks like a pretty new fence in that last shot. Either new or newly painted at least. You say this place wasn't very big, but it looks much bigger on the inside than it did from the outside. I often find that is the case with houses etc.

That looks like a pretty new fence in that last shot.

From the back, it is well sealed, but like many places, it does not extend right around the premises. For a school, it is small. I'm not overly fond of schools, they are generally too big.

Mich as I agree with the Marxists about the current political state of affairs being intolerable, I can't help but notice how their response is always vandalism and destruction, and not constructive creativity. The graffiti here is just another reminder.

The graffiti monsters are just what they are, a bunch of dickheads. The artists are different, some of it is amazingly good.

The "weed mob" staking their claim, outstanding graffiti artists for a bunch of stoners.
I believe the boss of the weed mob drives a black BMW

I see all kinds of shit going on these trips, it makes for a good filler story. I'll end up getting killed one of these days.

Ever got into a place to find squatters/junkies already there? That would be interesting.

Just once, some smackheads needling up. They were terrified of us.

Some guy comes jumping through the window and freaks out wired junkies, haha would have been funny to see.

Looks like you got there half a decade too late judging by that other post!

Then again they wouldn't have been treated to all that amazing graffiti.

'Let's withdraw planning permission and just let it sit there' - sensible decision.

Looks like you got there half a decade too late judging by that other post!

It was in much better nick then, yeah.. the grafitti..., artists may flock here and drool like gibbering idiots over the quality.

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#mightbecracknotsure is very right! That is a good one, I liked the paintwork on the little kids room, the octopus, top notch. Remarkably graffiti free apart from eating the rich!

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