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RE: Why I'm Here On Steemit

in Why am I on Steem?9 months ago

So, you say "I love steem" but I've personally wondered more than once what in particular YOU love about it. Can you detail tha ta little more?


I am curious what makes you think I don't love Steem. Can you detail that a little more?

I love the community here, both the good an the bad. I have made many friends here and the bad, well it's great source material for memes.

I find the challenges fascinating, both technological and social.

I don't worry about price as I am not selling Steem. It would be nice if we could get a nice spike so I can pay off the expenses that have been stacking up, but I said when I first got here, I am long term.

I really am fascinated to see where it goes, will we make it against all the odds or just fade away into the history books. I'm really rooting for the last man stand scenario for crypto based social media platforms.

I'd be a bit crazy if I put the time and effort into Steem that I do and I didn't love it. Don't you think?

 9 months ago 

oh, I don't doubt you love it. I just never understood you enough to figure out what aspects you do love. This helps me. Sorry if the comment seemed to imply anything else. I don't doubt the conviction. I generally think there isn't an infinite combination, but 3-5 main drivers. It makes me wonder what drives the other hardcores, which is a team I'd put you in. How do we get more folks like me and you who go balls deep into this place?

so where is your Challenge post @aggroed? :D

and @snook never misses an opportunity

Give them the tools to build and a community to appreciate it.

Right now there are 4-5 Steem frameworks, they are all virtually abandon-ware that I am not even sure I could consider them minimum viable product.

When I first got here, there was almost no documentation and no one gave me the time of day to answer anything. We are a little further ahead, but not by far.