NBA Players have until Wednesday to inform teams if they will return to play

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NBA players have until Wednesday to inform teams whether or not they plan on participating in the bubble restart at Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando but as you've seen if you've been paying any attention to the news coronavirus cases have been surging in Florida which adds yet another wrinkle to players decisions.

Through a series of sort of unrelentingly bleak news that I saw over the weekend you had one phrase that gave me a lot of optimism that they'll do it and that phrase is too big to fail. I was talking about some of these things that are coming to fruition now and I thought that it was not gonna happen because of it but I am gonna be honest with you I didn't understand how the momentum of this would work and based on the conversations that I'm having across the league yes there's gonna be players start testing positive tomorrow yes we're gonna have players who are so focused on the societal challenges that we have that they can't play basketball.

yes we're gonna have players who say I'm gonna stay over here in Europe where I think it's gonna be safer for my family yes we're gonna have players who are like I don't think this is a good time for me to go to Orlando not just because of the corona virus but because I've got free agency coming up and I'm worried about injury and despite all of that it's going to go forward whether that will be the mood in two weeks I cannot tell you but for now this is going to happen there's a lot of players excited about this we're going to be dealt with setbacks the league believes they protected themselves from those setbacks but it is going forward