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RE: State of Hive - Let's Talk About It

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Well said @theycallmedan I'm right with you. especially regarding the DHF. STEEM was stupid enough to make the whole SPS defunct by voting the return proposal with @steemit stake. VOICE is still stuck in beta. Unless the asking price is ridiculous, we should fund these proposals and get things going. @dapplr @openseed @steemstem and @inkito are few projects that seriously deserve funding.

You could get all of these funded for 275 HBD. That is a mere 5.5% of the daily budget. Sometimes I wonder why the community is so stuck up with something so simple.


Thanks a lot for the nice words towards our proposal. I myself wonder what is wrong with it...

Not getting any support is not really a problem, as stake holders are free to choose what to support. However, not getting more reaction makes me sad. I would like to understand, for instance, why our proposal is not considered that interesting or what should be changed to make it interesting. But no dialogue makes it impossible.

I have made a last attempt here to get some explanations. However... not many reactions again. So...

PS: Note that we had a few reactions, and we always reacted and complied with the requests...