State of Hive - Let's Talk About It

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Cliff Notes:
times to be prepared for, or learn by fire

3speak looking for decentralized storage, looking to open source.

may start a live stream show.

You don't fight Web 2 on Web 2 terrain. You make them come to Web 3 where they dissolve.
Web 2 is the milkshake and Web 3 is the straw.

free-market fixes DAO

Early adopters

not that something is too high in price it's just no competition, competition brings every price down.

Onboarding. The value is the terrain, rewards are but a cherry on top. I want to get Hive in as many people's hands as possible.

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What's good Champ! Good to see you once and again at the rodeo. What you say is true, we need to effectively capitalize from every situation whether it's good or not so. It's only in those moments where one is down and at the bottom when individuals truly find themselves! We are Firemen! And I'm gonna quote the great Teddy Atlas:

“Are you ready for the fire? We are firemen. WE ARE FIREMEN! The heat doesn’t bother us. We live in the heat. We train in the heat. It tells us that we’re ready, we’re at home, we’re where we’re supposed to be. Flames don’t intimidate us. What do we do? We control the flame. We control them. We move the flames where we want to. And then we extinguish them."

We need to bring in those WEB 2 dwellers to WEB 3, right into our grounds so they can see first hand how is our battlefield and all the wonders it offers! We can help in this regard in many ways even by just bloody Twetting!

Regarding the proposal system I have my opinions which will disclose in a full post. I agree regarding individuals valuing their work as they feel suited, that's free market but we can make the system better by enabling a "downvote" option. In the end those who are hoping long term for the success oh Hive know we can solve anything using the power of communities.

As always an honor to share the same battlefield Champ!


Ok. I think after today the goal is to market the needs we have on Hive to people who can get the job done at a considerable price. This makes for a great perspective, I never really thought of the free market prior to this video. I guess competition is what we need like you mentioned, and until we get that, we're going to see a lot of negative comments/opinions regarding some of the proposals. Some are super over-valued IMO, but we do need the services being provided, I guess we match forward.

WOW. You're deep! :D

Onboarding for communities! I am determined to onboard thousands of new users this year. Working on bringing language exchange to Hive now, I'm sure many will end up being 3speak users :-D

Speaking of scrutinizing:
I like how you are incentivizing people to get off youtube completely, but i think we need to be understanding and accommodating to youtubers who aren't ready to risk their entire following.

For many of them, we can get them to double post first, then get them talking about hive, then get them investing in hive, and then get them to quit youtube :-D I think many more will come to 3speak this way. I think most of them will switch over completely within a few months and bring a lot of their followers too

Hope everything is alright with you btw

I am determined to onboard thousands of new users this year.

Will they be active after a few months? I saw many people leaving both the Steem blockchain and the Hive blockchain due to their disappointment. Most of the users are focusing only on their own posts, and they do not care about other people's posts. Most of the people are selfish and greedy. There are a lot of content creators, but almost no content consumers. Most of the Steem blockchain and Hive blockchain posts are ignored/overlooked. The real human comments are rare both on the Steem blockchain and on the Hive blockchain. This is what leads to many disappointed users, who eventually leave the platform. Most of the people are ruining both of the blockchains with their selfishness and greed. Most of the users are not grown up to this technology.

There are a lot of content creators, but almost no content consumers.

Most of the Steem blockchain and Hive blockchain posts are ignored/overlooked.

And seems like your comment is a living sample of what you are saying. Isn't it?

Thank goodness I'm still a content consumer too!! };)

That's one way to look at it, but I don't see the use in being so pessimistic. People have lives. No one exists just to read your content. It takes a lot of work to be both a content creator and a content consumer, and we still aren't able to support people making a living off being at hive. There is also a lot of good content (and sometimes not so good content) to get lost in and we all spread ourselves very thin attempting to be both creators and consumers.

So there are two answers, we try to encourage people to be both creator and consumer and we all do our best and accept that people are going to be consuming less because they are creating more.

The other answer is trying to incentivize content consumption which gets dangerous because it's easy to game. We already have 50% curation rewards....what else do you propose?

Maybe the real problem is that we are both engaging on Dan's post instead of each others.

I honestly think the problem is that we don't have enough users. The community is quite decent if you don't pay attention to the worst of it. Like I said, no one exists to consume your content, and most people want to be creative more than they want to consume, so?

Keeping users will be much easier now because rewards are being spread much more than before and bidbots are mostly gone.

I did not wrote that anyone should consume my (or anyone else's) content. I write that people should consume more content in general, because nowadays most of the Steem blockchain and Hive blockchain posts are ignored/overlooked. Not just/only my posts on these blockchains, but posts in general on these blockchains. I am not pessimistic, just/only realistic. I see a lot of disappointed users. If people have time to write (sometimes multiple) post(s) per day, then why they do not have time to read (and comment under) other people's posts?

"If people have time to write (sometimes multiple) post(s) per day, then why they do not have time to read (and comment under) other people's posts?" -- there is only so much time and energy in the day, and posting is incentivized more than commenting. It really is that simple, and of course, Hive and Steem have a lot of users who frankly need the money around the world, and that need is growing because of the pandemic.

So nice to hear from you again. Can't wait for the live stream show.

Lock down brings more opportunity I think, because there are now more time spent by people online and its a perfect time for us.

You're right from that perspective but, unfortunately the lock down brings a lot of frustration as well.

dear we are getting relaxtion ease in lockdown but situation is very worse in my area, but we have hope this crisis well end , new spring will come in our life

thank you dear brother, your every info charges us with new passsion, but my one request is that we want to see more easy way to start streaming on 3speak, live coverage that we can start without any other site, just we have button we click on it and our live streaming get ready to play on our 3speak, i love you ,

Well said @theycallmedan I'm right with you. especially regarding the DHF. STEEM was stupid enough to make the whole SPS defunct by voting the return proposal with @steemit stake. VOICE is still stuck in beta. Unless the asking price is ridiculous, we should fund these proposals and get things going. @dapplr @openseed @steemstem and @inkito are few projects that seriously deserve funding.

You could get all of these funded for 275 HBD. That is a mere 5.5% of the daily budget. Sometimes I wonder why the community is so stuck up with something so simple.

Thanks a lot for the nice words towards our proposal. I myself wonder what is wrong with it...

Not getting any support is not really a problem, as stake holders are free to choose what to support. However, not getting more reaction makes me sad. I would like to understand, for instance, why our proposal is not considered that interesting or what should be changed to make it interesting. But no dialogue makes it impossible.

I have made a last attempt here to get some explanations. However... not many reactions again. So...

PS: Note that we had a few reactions, and we always reacted and complied with the requests...

We are in the fire all of the time, just in a different scenario.
Working with broken down people for free. Many of them professionals and university graduates.
Education is the name of the game.

The free market doesn't care, but somebody has to.
We are working on something very interesting here on crypto that will help and enable us to not only to draw many here, but also to offer them a new future.
The good thing is that we don't want any funding.

A great inspirational talk here.

Sounded like a whole lot of platitudes to me. How can one talk about a free market in a stake based economy. This guy is at the pinnacle of that economy. What are the chances of SPS funding without the V.22.2 Cabal's support? They will be milking that slush fund, which makes HIVE appear more decentralised, because all of STINC's stake is out of an account and hidden in the SPS slush fund.

It's the first time I'm watching any of your vlogs and you have to trust my word that I watched this entirely, and I have a few opinions to share regarding your speech. First of all I like your alchemist view and not too many of us are able to turn themselves into alchemists but, during this pandemic and witnessing how many of our freedom rights that I posted about are being stolen, it feels like being an alchemist won't help too much and it feels more like standing against a crooked system that is a few steps away from enslaving us, literally would mean much more than trying to transmute this situation. I believe we should be more vocal on this platform about the abuses that are being made and value the decentralized and censorship free quality that this platform has to offer. You mentioned proposals and you mentioned also youtube, which in my opinion is a censorship heaven, and I have quite often commented on affected users, especially crypto content creators, about the blockchain that we use and the guarantees of freedom of speech that they would have but, there's not too much interest for that and my take is that we lack apps that would get mainstream, and that's why I hope the @dapplr app that has a proposal for the DHF to be approved because we need mobile apps like we need fresh air. I won't say that other proposals are not worth being approved or that they don't deserve a chance but, my simple mind tells me mainstream=going mobile. I don't know if threespeak has an app for android or IOS, because I suck at vlogging but, youtube has, and such platforms as youtube, facebook, twitter and insatgram, have collected many users due to their availability. Anyone in the world can download them on almost any OS and start creating content. That's what I believe we need the most right now. I might be wrong but, as you said, it's good to have different opinions and sometimes to be wrong because that's how you learn. Much more content creators, and investors, will join Hive when on boarding and using Hive will be a bit easier. That's how I feel. As a closing note please don't upvote this comment as I haven't shared my thoughts to steal some upvote from a whale. It's just that I felt like sharing my view on your topic, although it seems I'm way less technical than I thought I was.
Hive on!

Apps on mobile are very important as well as the login systems, as we work with many that only have mobile phones.

Indeed. We're the mobile generation and quite a lot of the content on social media platforms is actually uploaded via smartphones.

Agreed, and even in our work there are thousands of un-employed graduates that only have mobile phones. They can all find a new future on Hive.

For sure. I'm one unemployed that currently lives for a month or so from Hive rewards and hope to make this a nice and consistent income for many months and years to come. I live however in a pretty cheap country and my life style is frugal. It's 2020, we have internet every where, media has changed, monetizing content is more and more popular and available, so why not.

I think most people are trying to make a living from their Hive income my friend. Just so can the people that we work with at the charity.
The page of @papilloncharity belongs to the charity and I get a small salary from the charity.
If the income improves then I will stop taking a salary.

Great job you have! I'm following you now and hope to keep in touch with you.

Thank you and all of the best with your proposal.
Take care!

Oh, how I wish we could actually shake hands.

That was intended to be funny, but how sad it actually is

I like that analogy. “Everyone can own a piece of real estate, or house on Hive”.

Everyone that invests time or money in Hive, will be generously rewarded in the future in my opinion.

Yup I got it, and I am really getting more charged during this situation and enjoying following you

There needs to be a good HIVE community that focuses on user guides, hive tools for: posting, curation trails, follower mgmt. etc.

Is there something like this someone could point me too if I'm just missing where this type of information is funneled...

@cryptoknight12, I answer yes to your question. and let's see here, so many of the best communities here: or you can also check out my last post I also discussed a little about this, I hope you find something you want, always successful.

Wow, I'm impressed. This is probably the first time I'll hear you speak.

You grow when you breakdown.

Definitely! Because without the mismanagement of steem which caused it fall, Hive wouldn't be in existence.

At some point, Web 3 for sure will have more people coming around it. It might or might not surpass Web 2, but Web 3 will thrive and Web 2 users will find a cause to be with Web 3.

I also see no reason why a proposal shouldn't be put through a tough scrutiny. For sanity sake, how does one get to know it's genuine if not scrutinized??

I also see us progressing faster and faster, and someday will tell a story of how we thrived

In all, I see you have a great vision for the communities and everyone around here. Thanks for all you do Dan.

I do like how you mentioned the community aspect of Hive, and that we do need more content producers on hive. Unlike over on steem, communities just became a dumping ground to try and get a vote. Here the Community leaders/admins/mods are actually working on keeping their communities clean and on target.

We still have the big box curation stores, and they will always be needed, as time passes and accounts grow people are beginning to post in and support some of the smaller more boutique type communities.

More content producers? I think that we need more content consumers. There are too many content producers, but almost no content consumers. Just look around. There are many posts without any comment. Nowadays the real human comments are rare both on the Steem blockchain and on the Hive blockchain. Many people put a lot of time and effort into writing their posts, but they often do not get any comments. What good is a post, if no one really cares about it?

We do need more people like myself that will go out and find and comment on post. I have a small group of people that I comment on regularly, of content producers who's work I personally value and like.

It does take time for people to build a following, to build a post that people can not only vote on but also comment on. A picture all by itself to me is not really comment-able content. A stream of someone playing a game is not really comment-able content to me. Like the ubiquitous quality content, comment deserving content is going to vary.

With the advent of real Community sites, where the owners, admins, and mods are keeping them clean and meaningful, comments on content will increase. The developers working in the Hive Block Chain are doing pretty good at offering tools and various views to make it easier to find content that people want to find.

What good is a post, if no one really cares about it?

Prior to communities all post were run by tags, the big curation tags got by far the most post, making it very difficult for individual POST to stand out and be seen. With communities, people have a chance to bring their post to the people that might enjoy it and see it.

It's up to creators to bring the consumers, not the other way around. Attention is a highly competitive market. The creators that successfully use the "Hive" straw to drink from the Web 2 milkshake, are the ones that will find themselves prepared when the inevitable switch to Web 3 happens.


For sure that there are a lot of early adopters that we can convince about out story in #HIVE and decentralization.
We're BUIDLING the future WEB 3.0
Time will tell if we are in the right side of the story, and I think so!

I was a beginner in the English language last year and I learned a lot at Steemit, where I understand and write the English language. I am grateful for this site. I am trying to become a good content writer, through my experience in Steemit, and from the information in Steemit and Hive , and I thank everyone who support me from the past year. and in this I hope to be creative in publishing good and beautiful content that everyone can benefit from and thank you for the support you provide to all and for this good informations.
good luck for everyone in this year .

Spot on with regards to the DAO an the free market.

Pissed me off reading so much 'that isn't worth it' - based on what?

Prices will stabilize as more proposals are added, it's not the fault of the early adopters (sometimes risking working for free in advance).

I keep sharing my HIVE posts on Twitter with a mention of how the reader can also earn on HIVE if they create similar content. I also created video tutorials for getting started on the blockchain in a way that prevents frustration and will hopefully improve retention once here. A lot of the time I share the two together. In the end, to me growing the community here is about letting more and more people know why they want to be here and also HOW they can succeed here. The more of us who do that, the faster we will grow. If we can build momentum and achieve a critical mass, I think we can really become the dominant social media blockchain and rival traditional social media platforms.

Bringing hive to the hands of many more people is certainly what we need to work towards. This lockdown has affected many and I am hopeful for people would look for solutions in web 3 and this is an opportunity for us to make HIVE more popular. Thanks

Educate people

Yep 100% agree .... and the beauty here is that it can be done in decentralize manner .... a community of educators :)

Also building communities on Hive is probably the way to go .... reaching wider number of people ...delegations etc ...

holds out hands
Please sir can I have some hive.

=p JK. Good video, I personally don't think hive will cost like $100 to get an account in the future, at least it doesn't have to as the witnesses can adjust the cost of account creation. But that's a ways off and who knows what innovations will come up by then. We could all be cyborgs or living in a VR world by then. =p

Happy that you've committed to voting proposals that represent the best value, and I hope that more competition happens going forward. My biggest fear is that a cartel forms which makes any outside participation very difficult.

Onboarding is all-important. Sadly, none of the funded proposals directly solve this problem.
One thing I noticed is that all but 1 funded proposal is run by a top 20 witness (she is a Hive VVIP). I'm not saying their proposals are a problem. However, it's just the lack of diversity surrounding the funded proposals that get to me. I guess anyone who isn't well known needs to be more carefully scrutinized. However, I don't think we should limit dao funding to open source. If it isn't open sourced, perhaps we just need some clear agreements or promises.

YT will become only educational entertainment channel. I guess these guys are pressurized heavily for political content and hence apply those restrictions and censorship. For the freedom of word we will have to revert to decentralized web.

Great point of view as always Dan.
As you said there is many content creators/authors out there...they are naturally out there...
But the main mistake they are doing is selling off their rewards to the exchanges.
In my view they should be keeping it and using it to power up so they can give value to their communities/followers and people they get to the platform.
Because many new people are giving up when they see that they don`t make progress in a short period of time and there is noone to support them because those people that got them to the platform are selling.

Me for example as I sad in my post to you in HERE Im here for a long run because Hive will be costing $100-1000 a dollars some day so there is no point to selling it for a pennies. Thats why in post to you I asked for some help to build a Bulgarian community and spread Hive into my country because is easy if I can help people with a little piece of rewards so they can stay in the platform.
And as I said if you willing to support me Im gonna be doing my best to use the stake for growing the community you can check my post for a little more details. My end goal is to show the full potential of Decentralized platform to everyone else because they just dont want to put the time and learn and understand.
I hope you see some value in my words.

I know all about growth @theycallmedan I took a comic brand that didn't even exist, and grew it into international publication and distribution, and right onto TV.

You want Hive in as many peoples hands as possible do you? the only value hive the crypto has is it's connection to Hive the platform and it's only value is the creative content it has. CREATIVE CONTENT...not crpyto geeks pontificating about things that the average person does not understand nor GAF about. You want the masses to come here, pull your weight in promoting the creative communities here and oh the rest of the internet.

Look at your twitter there jack shit on there about the creative content here on hive? I got tired of scrolling to find any. ..through one post after the next that had not one single reason what so ever for any normal person to think going to hive might actually be entertaining.

There are dozens of platforms we can use, and our own websites we can use...if we KEEP being treated like an afterthought, even here on this fork...then we will direct out content, and it's benefits to a platform, elsewhere.


Imagine this platform and the value of Hive with nothing at all but crypto talk. You need us more than we need you.

If any of that was unclear, I more than spell it out in this blog-

The community has worked so hard in such a short period of time and has achieved one can never even think about but we should all keep doing our bit to make it the bestest ever

Quote of the month: “Web 2.0 is a milkshake, web 3 is the straw. Use the straw” @TheycallmeDan 9th may 2020.

Competition is very hard to achieve since we make choices more based on reputation and popularity then we do based on expertise or funding amounts.

You are absolutely right!! We are in a critical situation and we have to fight , noway we can go back. Day before yesterday I lost my grandfather , I know I am totally broken from inside because he was such a close to me. I was so upset and feel terribly broken inside. Then I thought, why I thought why this all happening? , why the whole world is paused ? , why suddenly we all stopped ?. You know what I found all this happening this pause is for a cause. I told myself I have to find out I did wrong in my last couple of lifes and I have to vortect those all mistakes. And I will fight until I reach my destination!! @theycallmedan

I love your videos, always. Upvoted.

Your thoughts on the DAO do not consider that time itself is on the side of the blockchain, not the devs. Why overpay early adopters, when you can wait around for someone to do the work for free/at a low price.

As time passes, competition naturally increases. Sometimes it's better to just wait, instead of getting ripped off.

What if a new @yabapmatt appears out of the wild tomorrow and does the work we're paying for but better and for free? What if he does it to build reputation? What if he does it to increase the adoption of the chain on which his Business (Splinterlands) makes money?

What if I learn to code and do it for free to build a reputation on HIVE?

The probability of these events have to be accounted for when looking at the price of a proposal, otherwise you would vote all needed proposals for any price. Even if it asks for 100% of the budget.

That's why I only vote when I think it's good value for the money, and by the way I vote most proposals.

Many devs work for free, many do not get funded in the DAO and still do the work in their proposal. Because they love what is being built on HIVE, and that's the point. We should take risks, not milk the funds.

Funds can be used to pay for servers, advertisements, outside contractors. We have to tap into this, not just fund everything.

When someone has skin in the game, he's going to buidl whether he's paid or not. So why waste money on a guy who's going to do the work anyway? Because we're kind? Kumbaya?

I'm going to leave you with one last question, which will hopefully change your mind. Dan, why do you invest in 3speak, and not ask for funding?

Edit - I just had a look at proposal votes and we pretty much have the exact same votes. So I guess we do agree in the end.


This was an excellent episode to listen to. Thank You!


I Person is Definitely to Pay any Cost What He need for His Life.

It seems we're all collectively experiencing growing pains.