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RE: State of Hive - Let's Talk About It

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It's the first time I'm watching any of your vlogs and you have to trust my word that I watched this entirely, and I have a few opinions to share regarding your speech. First of all I like your alchemist view and not too many of us are able to turn themselves into alchemists but, during this pandemic and witnessing how many of our freedom rights that I posted about are being stolen, it feels like being an alchemist won't help too much and it feels more like standing against a crooked system that is a few steps away from enslaving us, literally would mean much more than trying to transmute this situation. I believe we should be more vocal on this platform about the abuses that are being made and value the decentralized and censorship free quality that this platform has to offer. You mentioned proposals and you mentioned also youtube, which in my opinion is a censorship heaven, and I have quite often commented on affected users, especially crypto content creators, about the blockchain that we use and the guarantees of freedom of speech that they would have but, there's not too much interest for that and my take is that we lack apps that would get mainstream, and that's why I hope the @dapplr app that has a proposal for the DHF to be approved because we need mobile apps like we need fresh air. I won't say that other proposals are not worth being approved or that they don't deserve a chance but, my simple mind tells me mainstream=going mobile. I don't know if threespeak has an app for android or IOS, because I suck at vlogging but, youtube has, and such platforms as youtube, facebook, twitter and insatgram, have collected many users due to their availability. Anyone in the world can download them on almost any OS and start creating content. That's what I believe we need the most right now. I might be wrong but, as you said, it's good to have different opinions and sometimes to be wrong because that's how you learn. Much more content creators, and investors, will join Hive when on boarding and using Hive will be a bit easier. That's how I feel. As a closing note please don't upvote this comment as I haven't shared my thoughts to steal some upvote from a whale. It's just that I felt like sharing my view on your topic, although it seems I'm way less technical than I thought I was.
Hive on!


Apps on mobile are very important as well as the login systems, as we work with many that only have mobile phones.

Indeed. We're the mobile generation and quite a lot of the content on social media platforms is actually uploaded via smartphones.

Agreed, and even in our work there are thousands of un-employed graduates that only have mobile phones. They can all find a new future on Hive.

For sure. I'm one unemployed that currently lives for a month or so from Hive rewards and hope to make this a nice and consistent income for many months and years to come. I live however in a pretty cheap country and my life style is frugal. It's 2020, we have internet every where, media has changed, monetizing content is more and more popular and available, so why not.

I think most people are trying to make a living from their Hive income my friend. Just so can the people that we work with at the charity.
The page of @papilloncharity belongs to the charity and I get a small salary from the charity.
If the income improves then I will stop taking a salary.

Great job you have! I'm following you now and hope to keep in touch with you.

Thank you and all of the best with your proposal.
Take care!