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Here's a post rock style #straturday jam on my home made partsocaster. I just setup a 6/8 120 bpm metronome and played whatever came to mind with a direct signal into cakewalk. From there I sliced up the wav file and added different effects to each slice to fit the playing mood of each part. All guitar effects were done in bias fx 2, I attempted adding some guitar rig 6 in there but that program is crap now after the latest update. Bias fx seems to be the most stable virtual guitar fx software out there with the best sounding amp sims. Later I added the drums via midi and piano roll programming and superior drummer. Many pre-made basic drum midi comes with cakewalk so it's easy to patch some of those beats into the piano roll view then play additional drums via a midi controller like my Roland Handsonic to vary the beat and add in drum fills at the key parts of the song.

Thanks for listening :-)

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Sounding great! I love Bias-fx. Do you find it difficult playing without a backing track and effects and adding them in later?

I used to find it difficult but I'm used to it now. I typically select a good metronome pattern to play to in cakewalk that isn't bland and generic. And from there if everything is in time you can line up everything fairly easily. I have a splitter pedal that I used to use where one part of the signal used to go to a monitoring amp and the clean signal would get recorded but I rarely use that setup anymore.

Sounds great. I like the fusion of the rhythm

Yeah I love playing to 6/8 timing, makes things a little more interesting.

Cool sounds and playing as always. You get amazing results from that set-up.




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