Riff of the week: riffing on my new Omen Elite-7

in Guitar3 months ago

What's up, you succulent turbo virgins of the blockchain? Back with a quick little post of some riffs I recorded using my newest guitar, the Schecter Omen Elite-7. I didn't spend a shit ton of time with the recording/mixing, so it sounds fairly decent but isn't the most amazing shit ever. Some of this is because I'm part sloth at heart, but, a lot of it is because yesterday afternoon I had to get a tilt table test done to diagnose if I had POTS or not, turns out I do, unfortunately. The test was pretty shit, so I wasn't feeling the best when I got home for the evening. Might write about that sometime next week. And, guess what? I get to spend this afternoon/evening/probably tomorrow feeling like even more water trash because I'm getting my second covid vaccine. Isn't that funderful timing? Anywho.

I just did a quick demo of two riffs that require a 7 string guitar, to showcase the kind of heavy tones you can pull out of this beast. I really don't think I could beat this guitar for the price at all (Which is $499-549 if you missed my last post). Super happy with it for the most part, though, I may have the pickups swapped out in the future when I have the extra dough to sink in $300-350 to that. I'll probably also do two full covers of both of these songs at some point, because they're both very fun to play :)

Now, I'm gonna prepare myself to rot through the weekend and feel like straight ass. So, until next time, doods.



That's heavy! Sounds fine to me. Good to hear you enjoying the new axe. Just hope you feel better soon.




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