Riff of the week: Ohio is For Lovers - Hawthorne Heights (Full guitar cover)

in Guitar3 months ago

What's up, you greasy virgins? Back with yet another riff of the week entry, this time I just decided fuck it, I'll do a full cover of something for funsies. And, I figured I'd get even more in touch with my emo roots and do a classic track from the mid 2000's that fucking every person in my highschool was obsessed with at the time, Ohio is For Lovers by Hawthorne Heights. I wasn't really into this band/song when I was younger, but as I've gotten older I've started liking it a bit more and figured it would be a fun song to learn. I'm not gonna lie though, I wasn't aware there was 3 guitar players for this band with 4 guitar tracks involved for this song. So, I just kinda pieced stuff together into an amalgamation of several parts of the guitar tracks, because I don't feel like learning and recording 4 separate guitar tracks for this shit. But, uh, yeah. Enjoy the track, I guess, babybois.

Until next time.



I don't know the song or the band, but it sounds great. Rock on!


Thanks, man!

They're kind of a nostalgia/niche band at this point, so I'm not shocked you don't know them. They were very popular in the US in the mid 2000's for a handful of years, but kinda vanished after their guitar player/back up vocalist passed away from accidently ODing.

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