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I have done a few posts on #green issues and it is a topic I want to keep people talking about. With all the concentration on COVID this year attention has gone away from things like climate and pollution. There has been extra pollution from disposable PPE, but then a lot of people are travelling less. I wonder if more will want to keep working from home when it is over. Employers may be more open to it where they have seen that productivity does not suffer.

Red sky. A portent of a good day tomorrow?

I am trying putting out some #greendifference Tweets on little things people can do to reduce their environmental impact. A lot of them cost us nothing. A simple one is to leave warm water to cool down instead of letting it drain away. That way your house gets a little extra warmth rather than just warming up the sewage system.

I was reading an article today in The New European (not on the site) about what are the best containers for drinks. Worst to best they were:

  • Glass - I would expect it to be good, but it uses a lot of energy and is heavy to transport. Ideally we should recycle it all, but that still uses lots of energy.
  • Plastic - Very light and with some potential to recycle, but plastics degrade with recycling and will eventually have to be dumped or burnt.
  • Aluminium - It is intensive to extract from ore, but can then be recycled more or less forever. We just need to ensure that it is recycled rather than going to landfill.

A better option is to get a reusable bottle and fill it with water or cordial. I very rarely have fizzy drinks and see no need for bottled water where the tapwater is drinkable.

I look out for products with a lower environmental impact, although a lot of these come at a premium price. Given that I am not badly off I can afford this 'green tax' and will just buy less of the disposable items I do not need. For a while I have been using this dental floss. It is made from a PLA material that naturally breaks down. You initially buy it in a glass bottle, then get refills that use purely paper packaging. All other floss I have seen comes in plastic and may well be made of plastic.


It looks like they now do larger refills that need a different bottle, but then that and the metal cap are recyclable. I know people do not generally like glass in the bathroom, but these seem pretty tough.

I am likely to need more running shoes soon and will look at getting some with a lower environmental footprint (pun intended). Some of the big manufacturers are getting into this, but only on a tiny part of their ranges. I have been looking at companies such as Hylo, Allbirds and Veja who are going all in on using recycled and organic materials. If we can support such companies rather than others who are less ethical (in environmental and human rights terms) then we can influence where industry goes.

Live better.


What are your thoughts on the amount of energy it takes to mine Bitcoin and other PoW coins? I have to admit the amount of energy it take to Bitcoin has always bothered me a bit. It's also one of the main reasons I like PoS coins.


It seems very wasteful to me as it's only really to control who gets the rewards. Seems it's only economical if you can get really cheap power. They should at least be making use of the excess heat. The Hive system seems much more efficient whilst giving the community some control over who gets paid.


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I stopped drinking soda a long time ago unless it is mixed with something else like rum. I was pretty shocked to see that glass is the worst as well. That is crazy. It was really cool to see the pollution numbers go down when we were all stuck at home.

My beer tends to come in glass, but I don't drink it too often. Sometimes our expectations are wrong.


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When I think about all the Little things we can do to reduce our enviromental impact, I think about my Grand mother. She lived hard time since She was a child and She knew a lot of different ways to recycle or reuse almost everything and She teached me to do the same. For her was an help for the balance of the family, but now we know that Is Also a way to reduce the enviromental impact. About alluminium, I have a couple of alluminiumn pots, the same my mom used. 😊

Previous generations were more careful to make things last as they were often more precious in earlier times. Now everything seems to be cheap and disposable. People often don't repair things, but I will try in some cases.

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