Global Blacklist API now supports Tribes

in globalblacklistapi •  7 months ago  (edited)
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So if I understand correctly there's one list for all tribes? I mean if they're banned from one tribe, the API lists as banned from all?

Each have their own blacklist.

MinnowBooster answered me that I was not on their blacklist, but on this sheet is triggered, would you please decide each other?

You are in fact on their blacklist. I have no idea why but I can see your name on their blacklist.

Fix it please

I have no control over their blacklist and no idea why they blacklisted you.


You are on their blacklist, he is mistaken.

I could not prove it. So make a whitelist, let everyone liked me now as moral compensation:)

Hey @themarkymark I think the API is down

That is not a valid query.

The available queries are in the post.

Never mind I just verified it and it works.

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This is awesome.

thanks for doing this @themarkymark. I love having the extension. When I'm curating it's so convenient. The blacklist notice pops up and I move on.