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❗Hello Stemmians❗👻 today I bring you a new post of Assasins Creed 3, in which we will follow the events after the meeting of connor with the patriots and Washington, and we will see how connor arrives at his new destination to meet with the sergeant Putnam, where fierce battles await us to fight, that said ❗let's start❗🐻🚀🎮

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calavera (2).gifAfter the meeting with the patriots connor goes to his new destination under the instructions of the patriots, to finally meet with Sergeant Putnam who is defending the tactical positions of the patriots around Boston, however, connor meets a very violent scenario, where the patriots are being overcome by the constant bombardment of British warships, which display a rain of bullets and gunpowder over the city, we see that the patriots barely endure this fierce attack of the ships, and connor try to speak with Sergeant Putnam and this seems to be about to see the battle lost, But Connor offers to give a direct attack on the ships to sabotage them and thus give more tactical advantage to the Patriots, Putnam in an ironic and perhaps somewhat joking way, he tells Connor that he will dedicate some nice words at his funeral, giving understand that what he proposes is suicide, But Connor takes a flag from the United States and tells Putnam that he will put the flag on top of the ship as a sign of success, after this Connor is about to start running towards the warships but first he will have to go through a real rain of cannonballs that fall throughout the city, destroying everything in its path, and decimating the patriotic troops and collapsing buildings on top of connor but this skillfully manages to sneak through all this bombing and finally manages to reach the port where the red coats have already landed and we see that the patriots follow connor and here begins a bloody battle for control from the port and connor taking advantage, leave the red coats busy fighting the patriots, and without thinking twice connor throws himself into the water to start swimming towards the warships to sabotage them and stop the bombing over the city, finally we got to the ships and surprisingly we began to eliminate all the British troops that will be on deck in order to place the explosives and blow up the ship's cannons, on the deck of both ships there were a considerable number of troops seeking to curb our plan, and despite having lost a good amount of health, we finally managed to defeat everyone and gain control of both ships, with the explosives planted on both ships and they explode leaving their cannons without fire capacity, Once this is done, it is arranged to go up to the mast of the ship to be able to put the patriotic flag and give the signal of success to the troops of Putnam, with incredible agility we managed to get up and get up to the final floor of the ship's mast, finally to be able to place the flag and attest to our success to the American troops, so that he could continue defending positions and advancing on the red jackets, after putting the connor flag he settled on one side of the mast and we made a leap of faith again towards the water, and with this we finally continued to meet with Putnam again to see what plans await us now for the next battle, since leaving the warships without fire capacity was only the beginning of everything and we still have a lot of work to do before we achieve a definitive victory over the British on this battlefield, as they continue to advance on the other flank commanded by pitcarn, which seems to have no intention of stopping or stopping its relentless attack on the patriots, and this is where we finally achieved victory over the ships and can continue taking positions with the patriots.ezgif.com-resize (116).gif

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ezgif.com-resize (115).gifI particularly liked this sequence of the story, since the game totally transports you to the battlefield, and seeing all the patriots running around you directly to the fire of battle certainly conveyed a lot of emotion and left me that feeling of really enjoying history, the truth that so far the history of this game is impressing me a lot, since the dialogues and also the sequences have been totally incredible, also to see how the houses and buildings fall apart by the fire of the canyons, it is something that does not had been seen in the assasins creed before this one, and leaves that feeling of seeing such improvements in the battles and battles a lot, also the way of fighting is very good since connor has excellent movements, since although ezio auditore was an excellent master in the art of fighting, Connor also performs very well in this area and the best of all is that he does it in his own way and style, which leaves our choice any way to combat all the enemies that face us on the battlefield, also the variety of weapons for connor is quite good, just as we also have new and more modern weapons because this assasins creed is developed in a more advanced stage of history, I also like to see that iconic Native American weapons are included, since this gives culture to the game and it it gives like that attachment to the race from where connor originates, and especially as a nod of honor to his people, I must also say that the fact that all the allies we had at the beginning of the game playing with haytham are now our enemies with connor, It is a very good twist of history and arguments and that gives a lot of interest to the story and also suspense and is what causes that desire to follow the story and see what happens, and without a doubt I am quite enjoying the story, and I can't wait to see what adventures await us and what battles we must fight to stop the redcoats and the British, also if at some point we will see the father of Connor from his perspective with a direct interaction and much more, since we are still beginning the story in a certain way and so far it has seemed excellent and I think that this game was able to hit the mark in the aspect of history and relevant aspects of the game.ezgif.com-resize (196).gif


ezgif.com-resize (125).gifBloopers❗

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ezgif.com-resize (127).gifAnd here the post of stemmians, what did you think of this battle? Did you like how Connor managed to sabotage the warships? Let me know in the comments, if you like my content, don't forget to follow me so you don't miss anything in your steemit feed, without further ado I wish you a good morning, afternoon or evening, ❗until another time❗🐻ezgif.com-resize (102).gif

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This is such a great series and with a great story! And lots of fun to just play around without following the story, too! 🤭

That's right, it is a game that you enjoy a lot, both in free mode and following the history of the campaign, probably try the DLCS that have come out for this game too, thank you very much for commenting