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RE: Fungi Friday 2019-10-18

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Wow! That's a good collection... I usually only find one type, the same every time! Lol... And I was going to say, from the first shot that they are named that as they look like fountain pen caps, then I saw the second... 😮 Ok, banish that thought! hehehe... I like those round top ones too - we don't see many of those here, and these look like someone chewed on some of them! Or do they naturally come with that chewed up look... hmmm....


I'm not sure if they have that chewed-up look naturally of if something took a bite. A lot of the different mushrooms seem to have those gouges that make it look like something was eating at it.

Thanks for dropping by! :-)

That's what I have noticed too... couldn't be a coincidence...
Maybe a malformation... or a shroom fan that keeps picking at! Bet they are tasty!! :)

Cheers and have a great week ahead!