5-minute-Freewrite : Mountain Peak

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Hello Fellow Steemians! How's your day?
Here's my entry for @mariannewest 5-minuteFreewrite, prompt : "mountain peak" . You can check her post here

Here it goes :


Mountain peak.. mountain peak , oh how i love and dream tp reach you... feels like i'll be on top of the world when i get there.. i can imagine the feeling cold breeze .. kissing the clouds.. seeing the whole world in a very amazing ... stunning top view... i am not sure yet if i am much afraid on heights.. but i think not too much.. I can see some friends going in there.. different mountains.. reaching its peak.. taking selfies or i guess finding their soul or just living what they wanted to do... i am amazed with their courage and perseverance to be on it and more to that i love how beautiful the creation of God is... having been seen my friends' photos.. they are lucky to witness such lovely view.. If ever i'll have. chance to get there , i'll probably have tp should out loud .. like the whole world is my audience.. haha. i'll say everything i wanna say and i'll share how grateful i am to be living in this crazy world...

Did use of themostdangerouswritingapp.com to time the writing.


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Kudos to the most dangerous writing app. At first I can't even survive the first minute. But after sometime, I just got so used to skip words that I couldn't think off and start to find replacement for vocabulary 😂

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nice free write @zephalexia

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