Happy birthday my heaven.

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Happy birthday my heaven.

Another year of life that comes to you full of more experience and love, a year of challenges and achievements, another year of imperfectly wonderful life, but another year that begins with opportunities, which only you will know how to take advantage of.

You are the woman you are and who I fall in love with every day, waking up with each sunrise comes a day full of blessings. I will not allow the obstacles that arise in your life to discourage you both, we will always avoid them thinking about the uncertain future without losing our eyes forward as always and triumphing over all things.

Having the happiness and honor of being the luckiest man has no comparison, I must give recognition of all the wonderful things that are in you, you are the woman to whom I thank that I have come into my life to empathize and be happy every day.

That great woman, great mother, beautiful friend and faithful companion, always my greatest wish for you is that your life is full of success, accompanied by the great love I feel for you, part of our happiness is always being together.

Today we will celebrate your birthday your daughters and I always by your side as they should be, they are happy for that and I understand they love to celebrate your birthday and I also love it, today is a very special day for everyone in our family of four.

Today, tomorrow and I always wish you to fill the hearts of all those around you with joy and wish for you all the best because you deserve it, I particularly wish that you continue to be many years old and that you can fulfill all the years that you need, to that you see how all your opportunities that life gives you are realized, to see our daughters grow and to see our grandchildren grow.

I love you my sky you know it but in blue. happy Birthday

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Mi cielo

Tu lo sabes

Pero en azul

Feliz cumpleaños.


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I wish you a wonderful day, dear family :)

Hi @suntree

Thanks friend.
My my wife, my daughters and I had a very special day for my wife to have a great time

Dear @lanzjoseg

It's very inspiring to read this post. I'm glad to see that regardless on your country difficult situation you're finding ways to enjoy your life with beloved family.

And obviously happy birthday :)

Strong upvote on the way :)
Yours, Piotr

Dear @crypto.piotr

Thanks for the good wishes,

Friend in spite of all our needs and the adversity of our country. Government criminals, they will never be able to steal my family's happiness.

We are only looking for ways to adapt to difficult situations.

Yours, Lanzjoseg