Engagement League - How did I do? 🏅 |{Week 2}| and a Surprise!

This was my second week participating in @abh12345's 'Curation and Engagment League', a great competition which gamifies and gives us more incentive to curating and for getting out there to engage with more and more people here on STEEM

Engaging with the League

This week I was in place #14 ! The prior week was my first week participating and I was in place #22, so I am happy to see such improvement which I wasn't really expecting!

The league is scored on a few different metrics, thankfully earnings is not one of them :D

Image belongs to @abh12345


Posts (P)
Comments - number of (C)
Number of people spoken to (PS)
Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
Comments - length in characters (C L)
Witness votes (W) (for those proxying witness votes, your total is always 30)
Up-votes to others (V)
Up-votes to different authors (U V)
Self-votes - No minus score but no bonus STEEM (S V)

First of all, if you complete the week without a single self-vote AND place within the top 15% (which is everyone who has a score shown on the scoreboard in the post) you win the spot-prize of 1 STEEM for not self-voting, so it makes the incentive quite juicy to stay away from self-voting, something I had really only done once or twice before joining the league anyways.

Second, there are quite a few people who 'sponsor' a spot each week, which means they will send an [SBI unit][sbi] to whoever is the person who places in the spot they selected (which they selected the previous week). Last week I was lucky enough to place in one of those spots, so I committed to sponsoring spot 69 this week which turned out to be @kaerpediem so they got sent an SBI unit from me :)

This was my score board this week:
Number 14, right below the creator ^_^

Compared to the prior week:
So there was improvement for every single scoring metric! *The only 0 is for self-votes

So we are moving on up the ladder, according to the numbers it looks like I need to reach out to more people. People spoken to and upvotes to different authors, those numbers could be closer together for sure. Had I spoken with 102 people this week I may have come in within the top 10 - but I'm not sure. Each metric is weighted differently but I do know the focus is on engaging with others, for example posts and upvote count aren't weighted as heavily as people spoken to and voted for is.

So far I am really enjoying being a part of this competition and earning some free STEEM on the side is always a plus, every little bit helps! It motivates me to leave comments whenever I can think of something relevant to say, it also stops me from feeling guilty if I write too much in a reply - as I do most days LOL!

«♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥»

«♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥»

Two Days without SBI?

So those few days of STEEM downtime stunk but at least we were all in the same boat! Additionally it seemed like @steembasicincome was down between the days that STEEM was up, ha! I postponed one of my posts because I didn't want the post to miss out on an SBI vote - but it turned out that SBI did back track and vote posts that had been posted while it was down.

I ended up kicking myself in the foot because postponing the post while SBI was down, forced me to postpone the post even longer due to STEEM going down the second time.
Oyy boy. I had thought SBI wouldn't come back and vote previous posts when it was up and running again but it turns out it did. Well, this is something I will know if there is ever a 'next time' (hope not!)

*No vote value was missed while SBI was down since rshare balance did accumulate, so the next time it voted it just gave a bigger upvote. As far as I could tell, rshare balance did not accumulate while STEEM was down, though.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Here's a little surprise to coincide with the post's topic:

First person to include "SBI + Sugar and Spice!" anywhere in their reply comment will receive an SBI unit (1) sponsored from me, but you must hold 5 or *less units yourself in order to qualify. Entries valid until Sunday, Sept 8th 6:00pm UTC
*For those who hold more than that, you can alternatively tag another user who would qualify, and they will receive the sponsored unit instead :D -surprise- 🥳🥳

Tip: Even if you don't use SteemPeak front-end, you can still use the wallet page without logging in to check the balance of anyone's SBI units. The screenshot below was taken as a logged out user looking into my account:
Just go to https://steempeak.com/@USERNAME/transfers and look for the SBI balance as pictured in the image above!

~ ~ •°• »« •°• ~ ~

Good luck in whatever challenges you face this week, and I hope to see more of you joining the Engagement League! Have fun!

💋 ~«[Kharma♪Scribbles]» 💋

Screenshots taken by me, banner images belong to their original creators.
Horizontal Rule images and designs created by me

horizontalrule  Edited.png

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Great post!

How do I join the community :)

Glad you found this post :) Welcome!

Just go to the original post by @abh12345 for this week, it's right here < -- click

Then, all you need to do is comment that you would like to join!

That's it! Asher (@abh12345) usually comments to confirm right as he's making the next post (each Sunday) so once you comment that you'd like to join, consider yourself joined and starting from last Sunday September 1 (the date of the post you will comment on!)

Which means if you comment on this week's post you will have a score when he makes the new score card for next week. (Sunday, September 8th)

Scores reset each week when he posts the new post, so we always get a fresh start, and once you join you are in forever until you ask to leave :)

That was a nice review of the program. Comments are a big part of steem, it lets people know that there are some who read not just vote. I used to comment on everything I voted on, not so much any more, time issues, but I think it is important to comment when appropriate, (which is pretty much on most content).

I comment whenever I can, and I strive to always reply to fans and followers who comment on my content!

Replying to people who engage on your own work I think is even more important than getting out there and engaging with others, but both play a key role in networking. I find this especially relevant to STEEM.

I rarely return to read or follow someone who doesn't respond to my comments but who continues being active posting. Showing appreciation even to your smallest audience is important.

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We have also recently added a new whitelist feature for those who would like to support CurationKiwi even more! If you would like to receive upvotes more than 2x greater than the normal upvote, all you need to do is delegate 50 SP to @CurationKiwi using this link.

nice work @kharma.scribbles.. go get em... and keep climbing

Enjoy some !SHADE 3

To learn more about SHADE visit the SHADE forum or come join the fun at PImp Your Post Thursday in The Ramble discord

You should join up @shadowspub!

Or maybe you are one of the 200+ who didn't reach the top rankings? Doubtful.

Don't say you don't have time because really I don't think about the League in terms of my day to day engaging. I mean I get excited about Sundays for the new scoreboard but I don't go out of my way for the game..

You may surprise yourself.

I've not joined even though I support the project and check out the results. I love seeing the way it encourages newbies and smaller accounts to get out and engage on the platform.

Some weeks I hardly vote or comment and others I'm commenting up a storm. It just depends what is going on in my life.

Enjoy some

To learn more about SHADE visit the SHADE forum or come join the fun at PImp Your Post Thursday in The Ramble discord

I've been at the top before so to anyone that makes it on the list, congratulations because I know how hard it can be to get or stay in some of those top slots. This is definitely a great review of one of the great initiatives going on on the platform.

The more people that get involved the better for those across the entire platform increasing engagement on all levels!

Thank you for reading and leaving me this wonderful comment!

It really is fun and rewarding - especially for a gamer like me, gamify anything and I'm all over it.

only two weeks in and you're already pushing for top 10, hmmm looks like I better step my game up or get dethroned, nice to see some fresh blood giving the old heads something to think about lol :)

I'm coming for you

LOL please so, challenge accepted


You get around like a choo-choo train.. damn downtime might have probably messed me up because I bet you were clicking refresh all those hours and got the up on me :P

Don't mind me, if I troll you it means I like you.. don't ever take it personally

Lol I have my moments, but I don't just comment or engage for the sake of it, if I can't add value to a post I wouldn't do it. But when I do find one I'm a chatterbox of note.

Lol, I don't mind the trolling at all, a little competitive banter never hurt, I'm game to roll with the punches.

I would not worry too much about sbi or even rewards in general. Post when you have something of value to say. Your followers will stick with you if you do. Building a loyal following is the route to success.

Ain't that the truth lol I think we all need to take this comment to heart and remember why we're here

Well, it was quite the opposite actually, I had posts ready to go but I refrained from posting them because SBI was down and I wanted SBI's vote on the post instead of the post not having their vote D:

I didn't create a post just for the vote..

Confusing but completely different meanings :)
I have about 4 posts on the go at any given time xD Thank gosh for SteemPeak drafts.

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Thank you for the nice review - I’m
glad you think the contest is something worthwhile being a part of.

For newer accounts who are keen to speak to people, there is a good chance to collect a little extra STEEM each week just by adding your name - easy!😁

can i add my name on list i don't see it there :)

Maybe it'll appear this time around, although I'll not be holding my breath :P

Thank you for all the voting and resteeming!! I think it was your resteem that got it eyes by some very generous people o_O

This is why engaging and growing one's network is amazing!

My pleasure 😁

Yes a Resteem in the right place can be really beneficial for a newer user. I’m glad you got some visitors and engagement.

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