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RE: 🌍 ecoVillage Journal #7: How will we choose who lives in ecoVillage?

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Hi Alex, I was unable to post a reply on the eco villages website. I am a solicitor and may be able to help with legal skills but have no building skills πŸ™‚

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hey fleur! oh thats great news ... and thanks for the heads up.. i think there is sometimes a glitch on posting i have to look into it.. Can i check were you postig on mobile or desktop.. perhaps you can try hitting SHIFT enter instead of just enter and see if that helps..

else id love to DM you on discord.. THANk you for this as i do right now need some legal advice on something!

Hi, I was posting on an iPad / mobile device.
Can chat on discord. Not sure if you can find me with just my username?