🌍 ecoVillage Journal #7: How will we choose who lives in ecoVillage?

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This is a question that a lot of people ask me, and what an important question it is! I see this question in two parts, one is the question of what KIND of people we would choose to live with us in ecoVillage, and the other is which people specifically. To answer the first part, what kind of people would we choose to live with us, the simple answer is a diverse group of people and cultures as possible.. in a word.. DIVERSITY is the name of the game! I find it so interesting to meet people who have totally different background, and ways of doing things. Whether its cooking, or building, fixing or having totally new ideas and concepts, there is nothing like a diverse group of people to get the job done...

It is the second part of this question that i think is even more important, because it is the personality and traits of each individual that will really determine how well they are going to fit into a community like ecoVillage. That there really is the point, that we need to get to know the people who would want to live with us. Meeting someone once or twice is not going to cut it, even if we get a sense of someone from one or two meetings, its only when we spend time and see them in all their moods, and how they react to situations, and life that we reaLLy get to know someone.

Luckily we have a golden opportunity to get to know everyone who will live with us. We are going to be building several earthship ecoHomes, and during that process will be inviting anyone who wants to learn how to build to help us. People who are interested to join ecoVillage would need to volunteer for some time, weeks at least (even it its spread out over a few visits). That would give us the real opportunity for us to be together, work together, and hang out and have time to talk and really get to know the people involved. Anyone who was considering joining us would most likely want to learn how to build in any case, and they will empowered and taught so that they can help with the build of their own home when the time comes.

To me it really is that simple! SO much better than creating long boring forms and that no one enjoys filling in, or trying to control and manage a whole complex process of on-boarding. I like to keep things as simple and organic as possible, and so when people arrive asking to join us, they can turn up, volunteer, and we can become friends. In the end it will almost be a natural process as people keep returning to help, and finally just never leave ;-)

What do you think? I love hearing your views, and alternative ideas.. so that very soon we will have it all written out in a crystallized vision.
More SOOn, I hope to have some very interesting news soon on .. SOMETHING i not allowed to even mention yet ;-)

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This approach shows the wisdom of your experience. Organic flow is replacing rule books. Real diversity which happens naturally and allows each individual to share their gifts and to grow is so important. This is in clear contrast to the artificial, politically correct, quota type of diversity agenda that is being pushed in mainstream society.

I'm loving the vision and creation process that is unfolding here.

THANK you ! it makes me happy to read this, and know that you share in this approach!

Careful, your wisdom is showing! LOL.... :) Yes, as noted in the other comments, ORGANiC FLOW and FEELING comes from the wisdom of experience.

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I loathe forms and paperwork! Everything is so automated now that the personal input is lost. You have to prove who you are and whether you're of good character, all with "official" papers. Jump through this hoop, get this police check. That's no way to get to know anyone!

"Get to know them organically." Yaas!

yay, So glad you agree! ;-)

Dear friend @eco-alex, I feel your words are very accurate, as always.
Diversity is extremely important... it reminded me of the Biblical story of Noah, according to that story he not only kept cats and dogs, he kept, protected and guarded a couple of each animal species so that later he could repopulate the world... certainly that is "diversity".

As you well know, we @fundakantoría (Kantoría Musical Foundation) from Venezuela, would love to realize (in a few years) an Eco-Village, as we have already mentioned, but in our case and given our foundation altruistic purpose, besides the diversity it would be based on two aspects, the formation (education) and the charity, in this sense, we would constitute an Eco-Village with educational purposes in order to form in an integral way children and young people of scarce resources (in a free way), just as we have been doing, but in this very specific sense, our children and young people would live there, would be with us 24/7 and would be formed by us in terms of Values, Family, Musicality, Responsibility among so many others, as well as the value for work in a self-sustaining community, free from the economy of society, but even more so in our country that has been so beaten by the political sectors, we would have sovereignty... I think it would be a way to produce and share knowledge and be productive for the world.
Querido amigo @eco-alex, siento que tus palabras son muy acertadas, como siempre.
La diversidad es sumamente importante... me hizo recordar la historia Bíblica de Noe, según esa historia él no solo guardó gatos y perros, guardó, resguardó y protegió una pareja de cada especie para que luego pudiera volver a poblar el mundo... ciertamente eso es "diversidad".

Como bien sabes, a nosotros @fundakantoría (Fundación Musical Kantoría) de Venezuela, nos encantaría realizar (dentro de unos cuantos años) una Eco-Village, como ya lo hemos mencionado, pero en nuestro caso y dada la fundamentación y propósito altruista, además de la diversidad estaría basado en dos aspectos, la formación (educación) y la caridad, en este sentido, constituiríamos una Eco-Village con propósitos educativos con el fin de formar de manera integral niños y jóvenes de escasos recursos (de manera gratuita), tal como lo venimos haciendo, pero en este sentido bien específico, nuestros niños y jóvenes vivirían ahí, estarían con nosotros 24/7 y serían formados por nosotros en cuanto a Valores, Familia, Musicalidad, Responsabilidad entre tantos otros, así como el valor por el trabajo en una comunidad autosustentable, libre de la economía de la sociedad, mas aun en nuestro país que ha sido tan golpeado por los sectores políticos, tendríamos soberanía... Creo que sería una forma de producir y compartir conocimientos y ser productivos para el mundo.

thats a beautiful vision, and especially to involve the younger generation to provide them with a genuine alternative.. I have faith one day you will succeed!

Very good process!
The success of any spiritual community
depends on the successful exploitation of karma yogis. 😘

absolutely! you say it so well ;-))

Sounds very sensible, I've always thought working together on something tangible like building something is one of the best way of getting to know people.

As you say, a couple of meetings is nowhere near enough time, you need all those quiet in-between, behind the scenes bit of life over weeks and months to get to know people!

absolutely ! glad u agree.. my other test is to play a board game called Catan.. I love that game, and it sure has a way of brining out peoples true colours.. Actually i think 3 hours of Catan can teach me more about a person than a week eco building! ;-)

I've never heard of it, a little research project for later!

Been a long time since I played a board game!

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Hi Alex, I was unable to post a reply on the eco villages website. I am a solicitor and may be able to help with legal skills but have no building skills 🙂

hey fleur! oh thats great news ... and thanks for the heads up.. i think there is sometimes a glitch on posting i have to look into it.. Can i check were you postig on mobile or desktop.. perhaps you can try hitting SHIFT enter instead of just enter and see if that helps..

else id love to DM you on discord.. THANk you for this as i do right now need some legal advice on something!

Hi, I was posting on an iPad / mobile device.
Can chat on discord. Not sure if you can find me with just my username?

I love it, diversity is so key to our development and I agree completely with how people will be chose. Getting those interested to help with the building is a wonderful way to really see who they are. I hope to get involved xxx

I really thing it's the right way to do Alex. Taking people on through several weeks of voluntary work like that, they will really know if theu are right for ecovillage and vise versa. I didn't like the long form we had started to build for new community members and as the meetings went on that form got more complicated.

Nice way to do it you guys.

Hey by the way, one day I will be taking a plane over to help woth ome of the homes... any plans for the first one yet?

Yep,, SO glad you agree.. im sure we will have a form, but just for basic important information.. and legal reasons.. but not as a way to try to get to know someone.. and yes,, meeetings.. oh meeetings.. they will not be a regular thing ..

SO.. yes. i HOPE mid next year we will combine the Dance Festival with the build of something simple.. to be confirmed but i think that is quite likely to happen... ill be posting on it once i know more.. Happy new year brother!!! really hope to poiund a tyre with you one day