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RE: NON VIOLENT COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP WITH ECOTRAIN- Join us & heal your relationships and your life.

in #ecotrainlast year

This really excites me. Im trying to examine how I can be verbally gentler to my beautiful 15 year old daughter. Im signing up, with bells on. Resteemed.

And shared on twitter for you!


Which, weirdly enough, was how I ended up here... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ironic, no? But good. You are a test case, if you will.... supporting my instincts to get OUT of discord and into the bigger spaces online. x Nice one.

I am enjoying the outer spaces of socials too, particularly Twitter! X

Thanks for sharing!! This ones worth spreading around a bit!

It's worth spreading around a LOT. 💚

PERFECT! YES this is so good for parent child relationships.. i think you will be happy to learn a few new tricks and ways of speaking, and mainly asking the right questions!

<3 I look forward to this!