Ecency Desktop App - First Try

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@ecency desktop app is available for two days. You can download and install version 3.0.7 from Github.

You can also read the official announcement - Ecency desktop app release - new brand, new code, new experience if you want to learn what's it all about.

Here is the gist from my personal point of view.

No more eSteem

The desktop app was the last part of the trio of apps to bid farewell to Steem heritage. No more (e)Steem branding, no more old code.

In line with the web app

Functionalities of desktop and web apps are aligned now. Hence the version number to get both clients in sync.

There's more

Multi-account support, improved speed, and usability, overall look-and-feel, faster search, ...

First try

Download and install was a breeze and the home page greeted me.

Let's log in.

Master key and Hivesigner logins are the options. Which are basically the same since the app is using its own instance of Hivesigner to store your keys. Or better said it uses Hivesigner access token.

I opted for the Hivesigner method and was logged in seconds after.

From here onward we are on familiar ground. It's like the web. app. I assume that the codebase is the same.

I like it!


When I may ...

Please, make Posts a self-standing option. Looking at my posts, I want to see all of these most at the time.

With the wallet, could you add some filtering options? Transfers, search, ...



Now I really don't have any excuse not to start translating the app into my native language.

To the @ecency team and @good-karma, is this the right place to start?

Ecency mobile, development branch?

Those 19% translated in the master branch are my work which I will copy over to the dev branch.

Thanks for your answer.

Surf-on on Hive, Ecency style

Better and better


After posting the article above, notice the version and the name of the app:

It's surfer fror the desktop and vision for the web app.

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Thanks for feedback, we will certainly consider changes and yes, development branch is correct branch to contribute! 🙌

Great, thanks for your answer.

Another suggestion.

I found the icon which generated a relative markdown link to the opened article in eSteem Surfer very handy for copy-pasting it elsewhere. Can you please put it back someplace?

Thanks again :)

You can get link from Search bar/URL bar for now, we will consider adding similar feature in future updates

Thanks. It was super easy and convenient to just click on the icon and get the fully markdown formatted link to the article into the clipboard :)

This functionality makes setting up indexes of articles a breeze.

I know that you would rather have an absolute link with in it everywhere but ... one of the great things of the platform is frontend abundance. Relative links that work from every frontend are a blessing.

Its only available to download for 2 days?

Is it a beta?

No, it's not. It's a new app based on the web app so I wouldn't consider it a beta.

Anyway, where is the difference between beta and production in this world? :)

Yeah usually 3rd party audits and peer reviewed source code but I was just curious why it is only available for 2 days?