Top 50 DTubers July 2019!

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It's time to look at the top ten DTubers for July 2019! Here's a list of everyone who made it into the top ten (actually top 50 now thanks to a little trick I discovered), congratulations to everyone who made it! Make sure to check these amazing creators out and follow them if you enjoy their content!

@romafedorov 2.030520087200249
@jeronimorubio 1.9526627218934909
@jodipamungkas 1.544690127686079
@elsiekjay 1.4886328246652134
@hafizullah 1.4637184677670507
@old-guy-photos 1.45437558393024
@joythewanderer 1.417004048582996
@madushanka 1.3952039862971037
@xr-hammergaming 1.3329180940516974
@ivansnz 1.3266895048271565
@rehan12 1.320460915602616
@tanbay 1.29243226409218
@priyanarc 1.2799750856431018 1.2488321395203985
@intrepidsurfer 1.2394892556835877
@josediccus 1.2114606041731546
@teamhumble 1.1990034257240736
@bitrocker2020 1.1803176580504515
@thekitchenfairy 1.1772033634381813
@dirapa 1.1709747742136405
@sergiomendes 1.1211460604173156
@maneco64 1.1024602927436935
@steemersayu907 1.1024602927436935
@phoneinf 1.0868888196823419
@clixmoney 1.077545935845531
@emiliomorles 1.06820305200872
@cryptospa 1.0557458735596388
@emsonic 1.0557458735596388
@denniskoray 1.0401744004982871
@knowhow92 1.0308315166614763
@bowentroyer 1.0183743382123949
@adetorrent 0.9405169729056368
@jongolson 0.9124883213952041
@chesatochi 0.9093740267829337
@dnews 0.9093740267829337
@jeanwandimi 0.9031454375583929
@nonsowrites 0.8938025537215821
@scottcbusiness 0.8751167860479602
@ninjavideo 0.8408595453129867
@gaborockstar 0.8221737776393647
@atnazo 0.806602304578013
@freecrypto 0.7785736530675802
@projectsupercar 0.7785736530675802
@d00k13 0.766116474618499
@freedompoint 0.7536592961694176
@Dtube 0.6851448146994706
@world-travel-pro', 0.6789162254749299
@mvd 0.6664590470258487
@solominer 0.650887573964497
@blind-spot 0.6446589847399564

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Omg.....First time I came to top 10 Dtubers list. Last month I came Top 20 list and this time came to of the rank. Thanks for @dtube team for made awareness to my journey. I'll do my best in future for add vale to tremendous video platform. @tanbay thanks for show our rank on list each month.

Well done for making it into the list!

Thank you for the mention!

Well done for being number one!

Wow! This is very great. Actually financial is our daily needs so I agreed with that. I love people who set he/she their mind to invest their extra earnings to double the profit. Thank you so much @tanbay for the wonderful information.

thanks for watching!

Your always welcome @tanbay.

Nice, good to know hard work pays off.

Posted using Partiko Android

It really does (:

Totally does :) Congrats

You are so devoted to this Monthly task @tanbay , thank you for always bringing new DTube creators to my attention.
Congrats Everyone <3 :)

I sure am! Thanks :D

I'm just happy that not EVERYONE is already tired of me eheheh

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I mean we don't really have an audience to begin with because nobody seems to be active but I'm hoping that will change soon when DTube officially launches the new platform (:

visite my dtube channel, i make video effects, and edm pls

Please learn the rules first

Congratulations man :) your video had been selected again by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

Additional Information : is a Dapp founded by @freecrypto and developed by @neavvy

Awesome, thanks! Can't wait for real engagements (:

thanks for sharing ! :) 💙 ♬
Good donations !
also nice to introducing dtubers 💙 ♬♬

Have a Great day !

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Thanks for watching (:


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Congratulations top 10 dtubers.

Most of them are great.

great post I read recently about Sasha, she has 10 years experience traveling around the world.

wow 10 years is a long time!

Congratulations to all the 50 Dtubers and keep up the good work and have a wonderful journey ahead.

@tanbay, Keep up the good work brother.

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Congrats to all 50 Dtubers! Thanks for sharing this @tanbay inspiring posts...

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Wahey! I honestly didn't expect to make the list at all this month! Thanks TanBay for this little encouraging kick of positivity!

Well done for making it into the list and thanks for watching!

Woahhh , this is maybe the Second Time I had able to find my place in the list of Top 50 Dtubers :) .
Such an Proud feeling 😊 .
Infinite Thanks to Dtube & their Team who's really giving their best for all the community members :) .

I will Promote this post in our today's dcontest post 😊 , to get maximum engagements from the dcontest side on your video :)

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Well done FreeCrypto! (:

Good job and congratulations to all top 50 @dtube members.
I am just so sad that my password was lost. Anyone can help me?

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Log in with your steem account?

Wow! This is really the extreme moment for me! For the first time, I'm number five. You filled my sense of happiness with joy. Thank you very much for your tireless work.

Well done for being number 5!

Such detailed analysis 👍😊

Indeed :P

Congratulations everyone!
I just started my dtube journey a few days ago...Hope my name will appear this list some day. :)

Be consistent and you might make it!

Hope so. Thanks 😊

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hey thanks for the mention, i had no idea i was even close to the top 20. i'll take it! :)

Well done for making it!

cheers! ;)

Oh my God!
This video is a treasure for my healing work.
Thanks @tanbay for an excellent TOP50.
Thanks Dcontest for calling attention to this post.
Congratulations to @romafedorov and @jeronimorubio for such deserved places.
I will visit these Dtubers Top50.
I lost my Dtuber password, so I go with steem but I wonder if I can do it forever.
Happy life to all.
PD: I do not speak English. I use a translator.

Inwanna be a dtuber too

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Good mention

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I want to be a dtuber too. Keep up

@dtube is becoming greater and stronger hahaha

I have to start make awesome videos

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Congratulations @tanbay!
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Wow that's awesome! Thanks!

Congrats! to all the top 50 dtuber's how I wish I was in the top 50 LOL! maybe someday I am who knows LOL!. Thanks @tanbay.

Awesome video

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Wow... Congratulations everyone and thanks @tanbay....