Draw This In Your Style Challenge, Eager To Fly

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This is drawing I made as my entry to the Draw This In Your Style Challenge 08 by @shookt. The reference drawing is a bug and the name of which is Gubang. My take is a space bug who is flying out there in the universe so I gave it a space helmet and a bug suit perfect for the environment. Hope like it

Here is how I made my entry:

Line Drawing

Again, I want some movement because the character is eager to fly. The concept is a bug but I am incorporating some details that suggest a bee for our platform hive

Base Colors

The colors at this stage are usually flat although sometimes I get excited and would add some depth already

Shadows and Highlights

I always identify beforehand where my light source is coming from. If you notice the character is looking on the left side of the screen from the line drawing stage. I know that area will be my source of light


Background could be random here I just want to make the character pop so not much detail is needed except for a dark background

gif courtesy of doze

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Lovely drawing. Very charming, as always!

thank you