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Dolphins, also called the angels of the oceans,
( and you are the dolphin angel of steemterminal discord ) they live from unconditional love and unity.
Dolphins are great healers and protectors of light on planet earth.
They are highly evolved beings who can move in different dimensions.
They are here to watch over us, to help and support us. To remind us of our beautiful wholeness. Their love for humanity goes very deep.
The dolphins know exactly what you need and you may and will receive this during this loving, powerful healing.

How can they help you and how?

  • Physical complaints; Complaints disappear or become less.

  • Emotional complaints; I believe that physical complaints arise from emotions. You will feel absolutely calmer and relaxed after a healing.
    This also affects your physical condition.

  • Blockades caused by, for example: fears; Stress; High sensitivity; Uncertainty; Trust; Physical discomfort; Grief; Migraine.

  • Especially for highly sensitive children and highly sensitive adults, a dolphin healing is extremely suitable and liberating. The playfulness and softness of the dolphins reassures them and teaches them that they can be the way they are.

Yep that’s you


WOW @brittandjosie. A wonderful tribute to a wonder Dolphin. Nothing more needs to be said.