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Twenty-nine months ago, I joined the Steem blockchain in September, 2017. Since then, I have been dreaming of the day when I would finally have enough SteemPower (SP) in my wallet to be classified as a Dolphin. That time has come, as I surpassed the 5000 SP mark today! 🙌


Of course, what is really important about this is! that I have achieved another level on the blockchain that might allow me to help others by having a bigger upvote! Onward and upward!

So, to help celebrate my becoming a dolphin, I'd like to propose a contest!

🐬  #likeadolphin  🐬


  • You must have less SP in your wallet than "dolphin" status: 5000 SP (natural SP, not counting incoming delegations)
  • You must have a Reputation Score lower than mine (67)


  • Write a post about being a dolphin. It can be either prose or poetry. The theme must center around being a dolphin, either figuratively on the Steem blockchain =or= in real life (as if you woke up one day, magically transformed). What do you like about being a dolphin, or what do you dislike? What do you do? Be creative, be serious, be wacky, take this in any direction you wish.
  • Post must be 300 words, minimum.
  • One of your hashtags must be: #likeadolphin
  • Comment below with a link to your post.
  • Bonus points may be earned by properly sourcing/citing a photo of your own, or one from a photography Creative Commons site such as, Pixabay,com,, etc.
  • No upvote or resteem of this post is required!
  • This deadline for this contest is when this post pays-out.


  • First Place: 20 Steem
  • First Runner-Up: 10 Steem
  • Second Runner-Up: 10 Steem


to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal


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Congrats on being a dolphin - I wish I was too and you can read here why :)

Hi @bradleyarrow I visited your post and supported you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Thanks :)

I hope this post I made works for the contest!
I just kinda did my own thing with my post for this!

Hi, again, @thekittygirl I leave here the link of my proposal for your beautiful contest. I hope it's to your liking. The majority could not have focused the verses, but the editor did not allow it, I don't know why.
I hope you have a HAPPY DAY

Congratulation on the dolphinhood status
My entry to your contest, and thank you for this, so many contest are for smaller accounts, it was nice to see an offer for a middling account. ;-}

Hello here is my participation, thank you very much for creating this contest and congratulations again @thekittygirl

Congratulations on that achievement @thekittygirl, my entry to the contest, thanks for the opportunity.

Grateful @thekittygirl for the opportunity to participate in your contest. Congratulations on your achievement. My entry:

Feliz logro delfín! Aquí mi entrada, gracias por ofrecer esta oportunidad.

Muchas felicitaciones amiga por este logro de llegar a ser un delfín, gracias a tu constancia, trabajo y a tus publicaciones de calidad. Por aqui te dejo mi entrada:


My entry:
Congratulations and may you continue to succeed.

COOL, and it could NOT be for a Nicer Lady!!!
Thanks, SARGE for presenting this on #PYPT @PYPT

Dolphins, also called the angels of the oceans,
( and you are the dolphin angel of steemterminal discord ) they live from unconditional love and unity.
Dolphins are great healers and protectors of light on planet earth.
They are highly evolved beings who can move in different dimensions.
They are here to watch over us, to help and support us. To remind us of our beautiful wholeness. Their love for humanity goes very deep.
The dolphins know exactly what you need and you may and will receive this during this loving, powerful healing.

How can they help you and how?

  • Physical complaints; Complaints disappear or become less.

  • Emotional complaints; I believe that physical complaints arise from emotions. You will feel absolutely calmer and relaxed after a healing.
    This also affects your physical condition.

  • Blockades caused by, for example: fears; Stress; High sensitivity; Uncertainty; Trust; Physical discomfort; Grief; Migraine.

  • Especially for highly sensitive children and highly sensitive adults, a dolphin healing is extremely suitable and liberating. The playfulness and softness of the dolphins reassures them and teaches them that they can be the way they are.

Yep that’s you

WOW @brittandjosie. A wonderful tribute to a wonder Dolphin. Nothing more needs to be said.

Congratulations on achievement, not easily acquired with loads of positive determination.

Congrats of this amazing achievement! :)

Congratulation Kitty! Im happy for you. Keep it up.

Congratulations. I will participate!

Congratulations, @thekittygirl and what a wicked awesomesauce way to commemorate your dolphinhood!

Dolphin yay - text.gif

yeeeeay! Congrats ^_^

Congratulations on your milestone, sis! Well-deserved!
Have a beautiful evening, take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Wow, congratulations @thekittygirl!! You have to work very hard to be a dolphin.

Great contest and Congrats @thekittygirl for reaching Dolphin status. That's a HUGE milestone and welcome to the Club :)

Congratulations @thekittygirl estupendo de verdad. Un abrazote.

Congratulations @thekittygirl on becoming a Dolphin. And you keep on helping.

Congratulations 👏👏👏

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found it #pypt, thanks kitty for presenting it.

Grats on the Dolphin status Kitty! Welcome to the pod life :P

@alliedforces curate 2

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 88.61%

Congrats Ms Dolphin!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 22 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Congratulations dolphin sister. May you ride the waves of consciousness in full presence, sharing love, laughter and joy with all.

Hello @thekittygirl congratulations, now I understand the importance of SP is not about being above others is quite the opposite, it is to help those who are below you.

What a nice initiative, I dream of creating contests for others, I love to compete and share.

What a nice post thanks and congratulations.


Congratulations on your epic milestone achievement!
All the best to you! @thekittygirl 🐬💙🐬

Congratulations! 🐬

Woohoo Congratulations ❤ 🐬 @thekittygirl!! :-)

Hi, @thekittygirl

When does the contest end?

Can I write in Spanish?

No sé español, pero puedo usar un traductor, así que sí, puedes escribir en tu propio idioma. 🙂 El concurso termina cuando este artículo paga.

Congratulations on becoming a dolphin! Woo hoo!!! Great idea for a contest, too. I shall resteem so hopefully more would-be dolphins will see it.

Congrats! You're swimming with the (almost) big fishes now!

Felicitaciones amigo que sigan los exitos


Congratulations @thekittygirl 🎊🎉🤗

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It makes me happy to know that you are happy... Congratulations @kittygirl

Congrats!!! More dolfins in our #thealliance community!!!

Congratulations 🎊

Congratulations on your Dolphin status. Resteeming the contest!

Congratulations, @thekittygirl, I'm sure of your effort and dedication. Enjoy it very much. A hug and the best vibes to you!

Congratulations @thekittygirl, 5000 looks a long long way for a part time like me.

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Congrats! hope the comp goes well.

Congrats on your Dolphin Status @thekittygirl. I is Exciting and I did a post last year when I became a Dolphin.......

What an achievement! Congratulations and well deserved.

Congratulations you dolphin!

Good job on becoming a dolphin. It is really fun times.

Congratulations💝 @thekittygirl

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Congratulation!!!.. I love this contest, too bad I can't participate because I have a reputation 68. Dolphins were always my dream, since I was a child. When I got married, we could make my dream come true and we went to a place where I could swim with dolphins... wao that was so exciting for me ... so much that I cried with emotion when I could touch them.

Congrats on your dolphin status!!
And my contribution to your contest...

so the deadline of this kitty is just one week?

Yes, just one week. Most contests here run until the post pays-out. 🙂

SAD... I didn't make it..

There's still a couple of hours 😉


Who were the winners of the contest?

I'm still reading through all the entries 🙂

I understand perfectly, darling.