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RE: Are you a small, motivated Streamer? I want to Sponsor you!

in #dlive10 months ago

I live Stream on BitTube and am a 2012 BTC investor. I have not been able to get a good audience on my stream, I a social anxiety and do not like leaving my home, so I have been focused on trying to make it as an online marketing influencer.

I will play games like Halo, Train Simulator, Age of Empires, Gears of War, DOOM, Cities Skylines or Roller Coaster Tycoon even.

In between matches I like to show off my Positions for Tube/Bitcoin pairs, I'd be interested in showing more pairs I trade too, it's just better for views if i use TUBE/BTC in the title.

I manage 3 accounts here and am very knowledgeable about anything IT, from VPN installation to full node management. I am also trained to execute a Zcash Z-Address transaction.

Maybe I will be your star performer, I want to be a streamer and I already work from home, I just lost my license yesterday too so I couldnt be more motivated to stream.


Hey, post a link to your Stream, I'll check you out

sounds good, in about 7 hr at 9am MST is my time of day for gaming. At the moment I am down the covid19 rabbit hole, I have never thought about streaming this type of content because its plagued with disinformation. not even really a rabbit hole so much as a social issue now.

Going to play TSW, DOOM Eternal launch trailer got me distracted this morning, had to make sure I was ready to install etc...

mh, haven't had the chance to catch you streaming yet :(

Been on Halo : Combat Evolved for 2 hr or so