Are you a small, motivated Streamer? I want to Sponsor you!

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Yep, looking for one Streamer with concurrent 10-100 Viewers and preferably on DLive or with basic crypto knowledge.


Your Benefits

First of all, you do not have to leave your current platform. This is just an additional Streaming service.

Service Offers

  • Discord integration
  • Giveaways
  • Overlays

My Offers for You

  • 100% Upvote with 18.000 Steem Power - always ~$0.15-0.20
  • Paying for Promo
  • Sponsoring giveaways
  • Resteeming when I see you live to my 7.5k Followers on Steem + 2.5k Followers on Twitter
  • Helping you build a community & promote it
  • Helping you to get around in Steem and crypto
  • a lot of other ideas/sponsorships/partnerships/exposure I would like to explore for and with you. Obviously something we will discuss in private.

My Benefits

You will sign up to as my affiliate, a streaming service connected to Steem.
However, the platform shares their Fees with me, so you will not lose any earning potential. (Win-Win-Win)


  • Contact me and tell me your desired Steem Name, I'll create the account for you for free!
  • **After** you got the Account, sign-up to Vimm: Click Here
    Important: Use my link, and use "SteemConnect" to login. That's where the magic happens! You need a Steem account first!


Contact & Support

Obviously I'm available to talk more details and help you setup everything.


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Ash, I've a friend, I mentioned him before but he's afraid he may maybe 1 follower, instead of the 10 at minimum, and he's honestly just awkward about streaming. Is there a chance you'd work with a brand new streamer? In that case, I might even nominate myself.

Sure, just shill me your stream link/your friends link and I'll check you guys out! And leave a way to contact :)

I live Stream on BitTube and am a 2012 BTC investor. I have not been able to get a good audience on my stream, I a social anxiety and do not like leaving my home, so I have been focused on trying to make it as an online marketing influencer.

I will play games like Halo, Train Simulator, Age of Empires, Gears of War, DOOM, Cities Skylines or Roller Coaster Tycoon even.

In between matches I like to show off my Positions for Tube/Bitcoin pairs, I'd be interested in showing more pairs I trade too, it's just better for views if i use TUBE/BTC in the title.

I manage 3 accounts here and am very knowledgeable about anything IT, from VPN installation to full node management. I am also trained to execute a Zcash Z-Address transaction.

Maybe I will be your star performer, I want to be a streamer and I already work from home, I just lost my license yesterday too so I couldnt be more motivated to stream.

Hey, post a link to your Stream, I'll check you out

sounds good, in about 7 hr at 9am MST is my time of day for gaming. At the moment I am down the covid19 rabbit hole, I have never thought about streaming this type of content because its plagued with disinformation. not even really a rabbit hole so much as a social issue now.

Going to play TSW, DOOM Eternal launch trailer got me distracted this morning, had to make sure I was ready to install etc...

mh, haven't had the chance to catch you streaming yet :(

Been on Halo : Combat Evolved for 2 hr or so

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@ash, I would became a crypto streamer, I could try next day Dlive. See you soon.

Thank You so much

I want to talk to you about this.

sent you a mail :)



Excellent work