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RE: Look At This Revealing Social Experiment With A 6 Yr Old Girl

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That's crazy. It's sad that we lose, or forget, or choose to ignore, all the lessons that we are taught as children: don't judge a book by it's cover, everyone has their own story, share the sandbox, and so on. We're a really strange people.


Howdy sir wwwiebe! Yes sir, I'm pretty disappointed. Do you think the results would be the same in your city? I'm guessing they would be but it would be interesting to try this in other countries.

I do think it'd be the same results. I think we, as a society, view the concept of 'homeless' as 'dirty', 'lazy', and 'disrespectful,' as if homeless people aren't to be trusted.

I think that's true and it seems like that attitude would be changing since so many families are one check away from being homeless and almost everyone knows someone who is homeless.