Look At This Revealing Social Experiment With A 6 Yr Old Girl

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

Homelessness is a big problem all over the world and is growing worse by the day. In the U.S. it seems to be a problem with no solution. Homelessness in Los Angeles, California increased an astonishing 16% this year!

What's even sadder is that there are 150 Million homeless children in the world. How tragic.

A telling experiment

Well, the UNICEF organization, which stands for the United Nations Children’s Fund has been trying to understand how people react to children in need.

Film makers for UNICEF decided to do an experiment so they could study the reactions of people who see children on the streets.

They went to a busy pedestrian street in Tbilisi, Georgia and had a young actress, 6 yr old Anna, act like she was lost and afraid.


She was dressed very nicely and got lots of concerned attention from passersby asking if she was lost and if she needed help. It was very impressive.


Next they made her up to look dirty and in clothes that a homeless kid might wear.


As the film makers watched, they were surprised that Anna was TOTALLY ignored. Not a single person stopped to offer help even though she looked desperate and was about to cry.


Well that sucked. Next they had her go into a busy restaurant dressed very nicely and had her wander around.

When she walked up to table, men or women, she was greeted warmly and welcomed. People wanted to know what she was doing and where her parents were, etc.


Everyone was very caring. So just like in the street test they then sent her back in dressed as a homeless child and the results were shocking once again. Everyone ignored her completely and wouldn't even speak to her or look at her.

What's worse is that this ogre with the cigarette called for the server and demanded they through Anna out of the restaurant!


The take away

What they learned from the experiment is that even if the homeless person is an innocent child...if their appearance is one of poverty and despair they are treated with disgust and even scorn.

My God, have we fallen that far as a race? If I saw a little girl in rags I'd be even more concerned about her welfare if she appeared to be alone.

I reckon the results of this experiment would be the same in any city of the world but small towns would be different. At least in Texas it would be.

In fact, in Texas ..heaven help that ogre who demanded Anna to be thrown out of the restaurant.


Dang, this was a little depressing. Humans need a reset.


Another Texas Christmas photo. lol.


Here in Texas they celebrate Christmas with tons of fireworks and gunfire.

This year was extraordinary with lots of machine gun fire which was unusual and not only that but someone was setting off explosions so large that it vibrated the whole house!

I'm guessing they were blowing things up with dynamite.

Meanwhile, over at Walmart:


Lol...Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!





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That's crazy. It's sad that we lose, or forget, or choose to ignore, all the lessons that we are taught as children: don't judge a book by it's cover, everyone has their own story, share the sandbox, and so on. We're a really strange people.

Howdy sir wwwiebe! Yes sir, I'm pretty disappointed. Do you think the results would be the same in your city? I'm guessing they would be but it would be interesting to try this in other countries.

I do think it'd be the same results. I think we, as a society, view the concept of 'homeless' as 'dirty', 'lazy', and 'disrespectful,' as if homeless people aren't to be trusted.

I think that's true and it seems like that attitude would be changing since so many families are one check away from being homeless and almost everyone knows someone who is homeless.

I remember once I watched this video, so sad☹

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Howdy jenina619! yes it is, I think we have a long ways to improve as a race!

I agree, a reset might be a good thing...A meteor strike wiping out the population maybe?

Haha! like the only way to correct humanity is to wipe us out? That's basically true. We don't hear of much evil and crime in Australia though, not like here. I think we have the market cornered on high violent crime rates.

I see so much good happening in the world but at the same time there is a great deal of bad.

So much bad, yes. I don't know, I feel strongly that humanity's greed is boundless and that greed will eventually end us. In the grand scheme of things we have been around on this planet for such a minuscule amount of time and I think it's foolish and egotistical to think we will have an extended future on the plant, or that the planet will exist forever - There's much evidence in fact to show that it will not, like other planets. Sure, won't happen in our life time maybe, but I believe we'll disappear.

Well, my knee jerk reaction is to say that the end will come generations down the line, and then sometimes I think we won't last long!

I agree with you on that...

I mean look back 1000 years, 2000, 5000...Not a long time in the life-cycle of the planet...we were almost nothing 5,000 years ago. Little more than cavemen. Now look at the last 200 years and what we have achieved, and how we have impacted the planet though industrialism and a burgeoning population...It's untenable and also naive to think it can continue with no ramifications.

Very true and that's not counting the ability we have to wreck the place with nuclear weapons!

Yep, exactly. Just one more way for us to destroy ourselves and the planet.

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NEVER trust UNICEF. The U.N. is behind the entire CPS scandal, worldwide.

This is an interesting experiment, yes, but no surprise really. I also think there is an exaggeration involved. I, like you, would have been more concerned with helping the tattered-looking girl than a well-dressed one.

The global elite play on our "guilt" for all sorts of nefarious stuff...even like to the point of getting us to "elect" a foreign-born, cocaine-addicted, homosexual black man as POTUS...

lol..not funny about the last sentence but it sounds pathetically funny in a way. Yes, so true and great points. I don't think I knew about the cocaine-addicted part though.

Oh definitely. The guy is a total JOKE to be the leader of the anything except maybe a small communist cell in Chicago somewhere.

lol..totally agree!

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Real life here @janton. Thanks for sharing this. We need humans with hearts to see and do something to change the way things are at the moment 🙏

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Very true. I think we are improving as a race but we still have a long way to go.