"White" Rhino

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Sitting down after a long morning..

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 55-200 mm

Prompt / Theme: How do you like your coffee? Instant, plunger or machined?

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Thanks for having a look 👍

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I'm not very picky about my coffe, I have a nespresso machine at home which I use daily to take a double coffee mug, but tbh I don't like coffee that much, I drink for the health benefits and to give me that morning kick...

Still, If I would go for something I would go for machine coffee and only Portuguese coffee which is one of the best in the world, our Delta coffee is The BOMB!

I drank coffee from a pod machine for a while.. Can't say I'd go and buy one for myself. Freshly ground machined coffee ++ indeed.

Thanks for your entry 👍

Hot, not too strong or sweet but definitely with cream - flavored or not, just depends on my mood. After that, I don't care (as long as the water's good - nice point @trincowski).

😉 A nice balance.

Thanks for your entry 👍

instant first thing then machined in the afternoon when I'm out of the house

A cafe visit part of your routine?

Thanks for your entry 👍

Yep. It's a bit of a joke with the neighbours. They say they can set their watches by me when I leave for my afternoon walk and coffee. 😁

I really do not get the question so I will reply with my words : Dessert coffee with milk and sugar, that is how I like it and yes i am in for the cards ;)

So, like coffee cake rather than a drink?

Thanks for your entry 👍

Strong, no sugar with a bit of milk preferably machined.
I have no idea what plunger coffee is :p

200 Dec please

I'm not too good a making it. Need a bit more practice :)

Thanks for your entry 👍

Ohhh I have that jar/pot (whatever it is), but I use it for tea mostly.
I like that coffee too. Any coffee really...

Definitely machined for me :)
If I win I would like te 200 Dec please.

Nothing quite like fresh coffee with steam-heated milk 👌

Thanks for your entry 👍

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i haven't drink coffee evervso can't chose the option. :D

:/ You might be missing out on a great pastime..

Thanks for your entry 👍

  • Machined

White Rhino in Australia, careful you don't get plunged...

Majestic Rhino.png

Rhino in South Africa, we never say where nor when, to try save them from poachers, sadly the horns are being removed for their own protection now.

  • SBI entry

I was safe within the tour bus :)

Thanks for your entry 👍

Good to see our Rhino are being kept safe over there, yes we were in a car able to sit quietly and reflect on how majestic these animals are.

Cold brewed overnight with strong ground beans (none of that flavored garbage) with maybe cream to color.

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Can't say I've tried it that way. Hopefully sometime in the future :)

Thanks for your entry 👍

SBI please, and the coffee in general with no suger, but never instant.

Some brands of instant coffee should be banned...

Thanks for your entry 👍

I prefer the Espresso Machine with Filter Holder (SBI)

Thanks for your entry 👍

I am not too picky about coffee. I rarely drink it. Anyway, I think the method of conception isn't that important. It's more important that the right kind of water is used, for it to taste well. 😉

I don't think I've ever put much thought into the water quality, having lived with good water the majority of my life. 🤔

Thanks for your entry 👍

Something simple. Coffee powder and a little bit sugar on the cup, pour boiling hot water. That's it. Must be strong coffee. ☕

Thanks for your entry 👍

Machined can be very nice with some coffee's, but I mostly prefer instant coffee.

Thanks for your entry 👍

Congrats on winning @simonjay. Thanks again to everyone who entered 👍

If machined is with a filter and hot water then that's the one I prefer, although I usually go for instant coffee when I'm at home because I'd end up with too much coffee to drink if I make filtered coffee.
I'd prefer SBI

Thanks for your entry 👍

For coffee, well, in a french press with Almond milk is ideal. Steemed almond milk even better. :D

Thanks for your entry 👍

Congrats on winning @jacuzzi. Thanks again to everyone who entered 👍

I go with the Machine one, strong!

Thanks for your entry 👍