(WATCH NOW) Live Recording from the PostBeat Workshop - MARI JOYCE - you can't marry me

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THIS IS LOVELY! We've been filming some live musicians in our postbeat studio and first up was our dear friend Mari who has been on the singy-songy-circuit for a few years now, lulling her fans in to a hypnotic stupor with her gentle poetry and beautiful voice. She actually reminds me a bit of Nick Drake (and Im a big fan!) but shes RIGHT HERE in our studio, and we feel very lucky!
You'll notice @sazzler rocking her stuff on the digital inputs, me on the rainbow camera pans and a mysterious figure known only as McKnockKnees keeping a very chill profile on the couch. Its SO postbeat its unreal! Buckle up:

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Im super excited to be getting lovely guests in to play for us and I hope to be delivering a whole load more of these to the steemisphere throughout the year. STAY TUNED!

humungous love demons at all of your hearts


beautiful song! Nice camera work as well. this looks like a fun space. Wish I could hop across the pond and jam with y'all

oh maaaan, Carl, we would love that. Let us know if youre ever planning a trip....

Lovely! I hear a little Joan Baez in her voice... 😊

ooooh awesome! I'll let her know! thankyou x

Lovely song and a very chilled-out place to perform it. Looking forward to more of these. Great camera work :)

thanks steev! We'll have to get you in here someday!

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