John Ioannidis Warned COVID-19 Could Be a “Once-In-A-Century” Data Fiasco. He Was Right

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COVID-19 has been far from the deadliest virus in modern history, but it has been the most divisive.The only thing the left and right seem to agree on is the data we have on the virus are not reliable.

Source: John Ioannidis Warned COVID-19 Could Be a “Once-In-A-Century” Data Fiasco. He Was Right - Foundation for Economic Education

It's no wonder that what to do about COVID-19 has become such a political issue. Those putting out the advice are incompetent. First we are advised that there is no need to wear masks, they won't help. Then we advised to wear masks all the time when out of the house even in situations where the science says they are pointless. Then you have papers pointing out that mask wearing is a knee-jerk fear driven reaction that doesn't help in most cases where the authors later say that they were trying to get more people to wear masks. What? If you bother to read beyond the title and first paragraph or few, the point was that masks help but only when spending significant time interacting with others closer than 6 ft. Then there are the statistics...

You would think that the CDC could publish some reasonably simple guidelines as to what counts as a COVID-19 case and what counts as a COVID-19 death. Apparently this is not the case. Some jurisdictions are counting antibody tests as positive cases which is very misleading. Never mind the accuracy of the tests themselves. Some count a death as a COVID-19 related death as long as they test positive for COVID-19. Maybe they would have had that heart attack anyway? Then there were the horrifically wrong statistics about how many deaths COVID-19 was predicted to cause. I guess if you count every death as a COVID-19 death then you might get there. I could pull statistics out of my ass with more accuracy. Unfortunately, that seems to be what just about everybody is doing, even those that are supposed to know better.


None of the mask regulations are about a virus. None of the lockdowns are about a virus. Social distancing is not about the virus. The virus is the excuse those needing to change society in these ways have manufactured to coerce our compliance.

There isn't any confusion regarding how to count deaths from a given disease. We've been doing that for centuries. There's lying regarding deaths from this virus, because it's a propaganda stunt.

The first CEO of Moderna was Anthony Fauci.

This is about money and power.

We're being milked.

It's not about accuracy. It's about consequences of repercussions. Statistics is just a tool. As is mass media and politics.

You can't accurately predict consequences without...accuracy. Yes, statistics is a tool. But it isn't a useful tool unless you use it correctly. I can't very well say that there is a 20 percent increase in apple production if I am counting pears.

You are right :)

And I was not clear enough. It's not about accuracy at all. The goal is to twist the numbers (predict consequences) whichever way is the best to achieve the desired outcome.

Bettre said, not the goal but the method.