Flossing Contest - Win 100 Hive!

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Flossing is a dance that was made popular by the hit game Fortnight. It is my favorite emote in the game, but I started at Season 3 and missed getting the dance (it came out in Season 2).

I'm in the audience with @crimsonclad's CyberBuzz MSPWaves show and been trying to get her to floss live on her show.

Then got to thinking, let's make this a contest.

Film yourself flossing and make a post with your video (see below video for example) and my favorite video will win 100 Hive!

You must use the tag #markylikesflossing so I can find your entries.

How to Floss

You have 72 hours to submit your entry, check back on this post (via Peakd so you can see the countdown timer) to know when the contest is over.


This is legendary!

This is legendary!

I agree!! And that's why I think there is no gonna have a way to snatch off those 100 Hives away from @abiga554.

I'm not much in Flossing dance, but if it were hardstyle shuffledance with some smoothness or something, then I wouldn't care to snatch off those 100 Hives from you or away from @abiga554 in a jiffy. :)

Hahaha Great. Just need som visual fx

Yeah mate, you are indeed an authentic creative artist who actually can create true physical pieces of Artwork. Besides your seemingly knowledge and mastering of After Effects. };)

So, it doesn't come as a surprise that you were needing some visual fx to enjoy & appreciate better find some further inspiration through my humorous & outlandish posts and comments out there. Hahaha

Cheers!! :)

🥰 thank!

The floss dance is a kind of dance move in which one repeatedly swings their hands sideways with a clenched fists, from the back of their body to the front, on each side. Aside the continuous fun of having to swing your hands, it is also a good means of exercising the body and relieving stress.
Below is the direct link to my YouTube video :

Thanks for watching and also thanks for this great challenge.

Lol. This is amazing man. Looks so fun but sad I can't dance

Can't or won't?

Everyone can dance.

You could learn 😂

Thanks for entering, awesome mate!

Thanks too for the contest. ❤️

For the sake of what little credibility I have I probably shouldn't do this. When I said I was thinking of writing a song as a rap my daughter said 'no dad'.

That means yes dad.

My supposed entry 😌

Hello good morning @themarkymark
You had a great idea. We really had a lot of fun in the process. As I am out of state, the ones who cheered up were the women of the house.
I hope you like it
This is my link to accompany your invitation
I take the opportunity to wish you an excellent week


LOL. I agree.


This is what blockchain was invented for!

Looking forward to your video.

I'm just not that clear on how to do it,

Could you post a video of yourself demonstrating for great clarity?

I'm married, I don't have to dance anymore.

Oh that means I've got 6 days to find me a wife.

Make a post on Hive, just use the tag #tinder

That wasn't the link I was expecting, maybe I will, although I can't promise it will be entirely serious!

If I were a kid, I would have tried that.

Will you be submitting one too?

Not to my own contest, no.

You could replace the 100 Hive price with a video of you flossing. I'm sure the winner would accept the switch.

We want you to submit hahaha kidding

lol :)

You entering?

I've tried that move before and it's not happening. My daughter can do it so i'll ask if she fancies a go :)

For some reason the dance cracks me up.

The worse you are at it the better?


Who drives a train on a beach?

Train drivers :)

amazing dancing. and i want to see next part

Quite a funny dance. Ama surely hop on it 😂

My waist is aching just from practicing 😥

How to floss

I just did and I am embarrassed.

Proof or it didn't happened.

Where's the video?
Could be worth 100 Hive.

Selling my soul for Hive?

I am on it.

There are worse things to sell your soul for, could be Steem. :poop:

Not happening, it's becoming more hilarious than I thought


It is not an easy style.

Fuck, I thought I'll learn how to floss

I dont know how to dance but might try it

It is not too fast

lol, re-blogged for more exposure.

Good day!
Here's my entry for your contest

Thank you so much for hosting this


Oops..two minutes to go 😌

Here's a link to my entry


marky wait a little, 3speak is not showing my post yet. lol

Just kidding, I hope I can make it till it ends..

I considered doing this for a second but then i remembered that i was a grown ass man.😂
Btw, i hardly need to pile up more reasons for folks here to give me awkward looks. lol.