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RE: Your Help Needed, 100% Beneficiary Set for Pay It Forward Community Account

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Hey, can you pleae remove #naturalmedicine from this post - it's not a natural medicine post. Don't wanna downvote as don't like doing it! Just trying to make sure the feed is relevant. Cheers! xx Much love!

Happy to upvote you when you do - love what you do, and over 80 weeks is crazy effort! Thanks for what you do for Steem!


@riverflows I'll be honest I didn't even pay attention to the tribe tags as I copied and pasted from a PIFC post. This post is to raise funds for @pifc who just featured naturalmedicine last week. The tokens will also all go to PIFC from this post and the goal is to raise their stake in tribes we are trying to raise awareness for along with the steem to maintain the prize money for the account.

There are 2 judges who both wanted us to feature your tribe and one with over 10k tokens staked and a strong interest I hope you can see the value in encouraging @pifc in continuing to curated your tag.

Currently we are talking about 37 lotus reward, well 50% of that and those who have stake would loose their 50% from their votes if the tag is removed.

Oh and a side note, @pifc stakes all earned tokens from the communities we are actively curating, the rest we dump to be able to purchase more tokens from the communities we are curating. @pifc currently has a very small stake at 207.44 LOTUS.

All that said if you would still like me to remove the tag then I will do so. We still have a couple days to sort this out. If you'd like to talk about this feel free to message me on discord (@thedarkhorse #6765)

Absolutely no problem - leave it where it is, I know you're good for it. I hate being tribe police, it sucks! Don't want anyone to lose out and certainly want you to benefit from rewards too! :) Not being moany at all, just conscious of the feed. And thanks for the pifc shout out last week on our tag xxx Appreciated.

I hate being tribe police

After 85 weeks of running a contest I know what you mean. Also fully understood why you would have left the message in the first place.

Thanks for agreeing to let it stay. Know it's not a ton of tokens, but it will help grow the stake of pifc and allow us to provide more rewards to those who get curated on the entries. Also if anyone has a post they want more eyeballs on let them know about our Pimp Your Post event each week. Anyone is free to come to the post and leave a link with a short blurb about why people should visit. Naturally it works best if people then visit other posts and get to know each other. That post goes live every week on Sunday night.

💜💜💜 Glad you aren't annoyed at me! And I will. Xx

@riverflows are you ok with @pifc using the tag for the PIFC Pimp Your Post each week? Naturally your tribe members would all be allowed to pimp their tribe related posts or other topics. We put a 2 Steem Bounty on it each week to give a little bonus to those who take part and PIFC votes for them too.

This would allow the account to slowly build up their stake in tokens each week giving a little more weight to its ability to support quality posts. Being that the account stakes all earnings (with rare exception) it's tokens that won't be causing any downward pressure on the market.

Either way I won't use it this week, but would let me know for next week. Feel free to message me on discord if you want to chat about this further.

Not a problem! I'm really actually glad to finally smash base with @pifc so I know what it's about. Thanks for asking! xxx