Your Help Needed, 100% Beneficiary Set for Pay It Forward Community Account

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April 3rd 2018 was the date of the very first Pay It Forward Curation Contest and right off the bat we had some amazing people get started. Back at that time most of those who entered...and myself for that matter, had really small accounts but had a desire to help others. Most of us weren't even minnows at the time.

@lynncoyle1 helped me as a judge at the start and until she had to step away from Steem due to personal reasons she stayed very active with the Pay It Forward efforts. Her and I bounced so many ideas off each other in an effort to get this going I feel like it's part her baby too.

Some of the entries were from @viking-ventures, @bengy, @psionic-tremors, @trudeehunter, and @pundito who are all still active on Steem. We also had an entry from @wolfhart who became a very close friend to many of us, but sadly lost his battle with cancer.

Back then I was funding the efforts out of pocket and it was great to get upvotes from @knircky, @surpassinggoogle, and @krnel to help kick things off. Without paying for votes I think it was my first post to break $10 in rewards so I felt like we were onto something.

PIFC Logo.jpg

Fast Forward

The community account @pifc hosts the Curation Contest which just wrapped up Week 85 which we featured bloggers from the Natural Medicine Tribe at the suggestion of one of our judges @tryskele. The tag for this tribe is #NATURALMEDICINE and their token is LOTUS if your curious.

Lets be honest, not to many things last 85 weeks on Steem and I'm proud of the efforts that everyone involved has put forward over the last nearly 19 months.

We have also added a weekly Pimp Your Post event in which people can come in and drop a link, briefly tell people why to visit the link ("Pimp their Post"), and then see what other posts have been "Pimped". This is turning into a great space for people to get some engagement on their posts as those Pimping their Post are really good about visiting posts from other people. It's great seeing this engagement happening as it's still something that Steem is lacking even after the NewSteem push.


By now you are probably wondering Why are we reading about @pifc and the Curation Contest? Sorry I get long winded to the point

Each week @pifc uses more Steem for leases and prizes then it take in from post rewards. If my math is correct without some sort of infusion the account will run out of liquid steem sometime around the end of the year so it was time to raise some funds for the account to make sure it can continue on with it's efforts. We have managed to raise funds each time it was needed without issue and it's been a long time since we have needed to ask the steem community to pitch in a little extra to help our efforts in helping the community in return.

100% Beneficiary Set

@pifc is a 100% Beneficiary for this post which I believe means all SP and liquid Steem will go to them.

My thought is that by making the post on my personal account that hopefully since my "reach" is a little different then that of @pifc there will be some eyes on this post that @pifc wouldn't have.

Hoping that it means just maybe with a little luck we can pick up a few large votes from large accounts that want to encourage engagement on the Steem blockchain and know that they themselves can't be everywhere and that having a group of dedicated advocates encouraging new steem users is a VERY GOOD THING for Steem.

Also hope that maybe a few new eyes will see the project and want to get involved, or a few people who have taken part in the past decide to come back and make another entry or just support those who do. Every little bit of positive engagement helps encourage people to keep going...sure votes help, but a comment can make somebody's day.


What Do You Need To Do?

All you need to do is upvote this post as all rewards are going to @pifc. It's really that simple. The needs of @pifc aren't huge, about 16 Steem per week and post rewards cover 6-10 of those.

If you happen to have spare VP at anytime during the week please stop by and give the @pifc posts a boost. Or if you are looking for an account worthy of an autovote I promise it will never be abused. @pifc posts 3 times a week most of the time and on occasion 4 times.

Thank You

Whatever you can do to help is great. Small or Large your vote is important and helps keep things moving forward so thank you for doing what you can!


Glad to be of help in your venture.

Congratulations on PIFC running for 85 weeks... it ranks up there with Pimp Your Post Thursday which has run for 110 continuous weeks. It takes stamina to run that many weeks especially in this bear market.

Hit me up on Discord and let's see if we can add some SHADE into the mix if you're interested.

Message sent. You are correct it takes serious stamina to keep plugging away.

I wasn't aware it was so difficult to keep it afloat, I thought you were doing well, as you rarely said something about it. I'll resteem to give you a little help. 🙃

It hasn't been that hard to keep afloat. I normally just take care of it, but figured using a post to give all rewards to do it was a smart use of not only my reach but also to use up some of the SBI vote bank that is sitting there since I don't post very often and it was built up nicely.

Thanks for the extra support on top of your weekly efforts in being a Judge!

Resteemed hopefully we'll get some more eyes on this.

Thank you

A pleasure to give you an 100% upvote and a resteem @thedarkhorse You've done so much for the Steemit community.

Appreciate the support and recognition. Thank you very much!

Appreciate the
Support and recognition.
Thank you very much!

                 - thedarkhorse

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

For those of you who follow me and are unsure about what @pifc is, please stop by one of their post and take a look at what they do. It is all about helping the new users find a footing on steem.

Resteemed, I know I have been absent from pifc for awhile now, but I still remember some of the finds I made and some of the finds others found. I hope the vote and resteem help a little bit.

Thank you for the support! If nothing else you really should stop by each week for the Pimp Your Post. There is some good content posted each week and I think most people would be amazed at the number of comments that are happening from there.

I will try to stop by.




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Hey @thedarkhorse, here is a little bit of BEER from @stever82 for you. Enjoy it!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

You have been curated by @fitinfun on behalf of Inner Blocks: a community encouraging first hand content, with each individual living their best life, and being responsible for their own well being. #innerblocks Check it out at @innerblocks for the latest information and community updates, or to show your support via delegation.

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Hey, can you pleae remove #naturalmedicine from this post - it's not a natural medicine post. Don't wanna downvote as don't like doing it! Just trying to make sure the feed is relevant. Cheers! xx Much love!

Happy to upvote you when you do - love what you do, and over 80 weeks is crazy effort! Thanks for what you do for Steem!

@riverflows I'll be honest I didn't even pay attention to the tribe tags as I copied and pasted from a PIFC post. This post is to raise funds for @pifc who just featured naturalmedicine last week. The tokens will also all go to PIFC from this post and the goal is to raise their stake in tribes we are trying to raise awareness for along with the steem to maintain the prize money for the account.

There are 2 judges who both wanted us to feature your tribe and one with over 10k tokens staked and a strong interest I hope you can see the value in encouraging @pifc in continuing to curated your tag.

Currently we are talking about 37 lotus reward, well 50% of that and those who have stake would loose their 50% from their votes if the tag is removed.

Oh and a side note, @pifc stakes all earned tokens from the communities we are actively curating, the rest we dump to be able to purchase more tokens from the communities we are curating. @pifc currently has a very small stake at 207.44 LOTUS.

All that said if you would still like me to remove the tag then I will do so. We still have a couple days to sort this out. If you'd like to talk about this feel free to message me on discord (@thedarkhorse #6765)

Absolutely no problem - leave it where it is, I know you're good for it. I hate being tribe police, it sucks! Don't want anyone to lose out and certainly want you to benefit from rewards too! :) Not being moany at all, just conscious of the feed. And thanks for the pifc shout out last week on our tag xxx Appreciated.

I hate being tribe police

After 85 weeks of running a contest I know what you mean. Also fully understood why you would have left the message in the first place.

Thanks for agreeing to let it stay. Know it's not a ton of tokens, but it will help grow the stake of pifc and allow us to provide more rewards to those who get curated on the entries. Also if anyone has a post they want more eyeballs on let them know about our Pimp Your Post event each week. Anyone is free to come to the post and leave a link with a short blurb about why people should visit. Naturally it works best if people then visit other posts and get to know each other. That post goes live every week on Sunday night.

💜💜💜 Glad you aren't annoyed at me! And I will. Xx

@riverflows are you ok with @pifc using the tag for the PIFC Pimp Your Post each week? Naturally your tribe members would all be allowed to pimp their tribe related posts or other topics. We put a 2 Steem Bounty on it each week to give a little bonus to those who take part and PIFC votes for them too.

This would allow the account to slowly build up their stake in tokens each week giving a little more weight to its ability to support quality posts. Being that the account stakes all earnings (with rare exception) it's tokens that won't be causing any downward pressure on the market.

Either way I won't use it this week, but would let me know for next week. Feel free to message me on discord if you want to chat about this further.

Not a problem! I'm really actually glad to finally smash base with @pifc so I know what it's about. Thanks for asking! xxx

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