beempy 利用RC领取的新号资源创建steem 新号

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beempy 利用RC领取的新号资源创建steem 新号

最近虽然在做steem-python 实战教程,但不支持利用RC领取的新号资源创建steem 新号,需要使用beempy.


# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

# python creator account

from contextlib import suppress
import sys
import json

# from beem import Steem
from beem.account import Account
from beem.instance import shared_steem_instance
from beemgraphenebase.account import BrainKey, PasswordKey

def run():

    # need creator and  name of the new account
        creator = sys.argv[1]
        account = sys.argv[2]
    except Exception as e:
    print('creator:', creator)
    print('account:', account)

    # gen a set of keys
    bk = BrainKey()
    brainkey = bk.get_brainkey()
    print('brain key:', str(brainkey))
    prikey = str(bk.get_private())
    print('private key:', str(prikey))
    pubkey = format(bk.get_public(), "STM")
    print('public key:', str(pubkey))

    # unlock local wallet
    stm = shared_steem_instance()

        # Account of creator
        creatorA = Account(creator, steem_instance=stm)
        # test the new account is exist on steem blockchain?
        accountA = Account(account, steem_instance=stm)
    except Exception as e:
        print('account can be created:', account)

    # create new account
    tx = stm.create_claimed_account(account, creator=creatorA, password=pubkey)
    print('create_claimed_account:', json.dumps(tx, indent=4))

    # get keys
    posting_key = PasswordKey(account, pubkey, role="posting", prefix=stm.prefix)
    active_key = PasswordKey(account, pubkey, role="active", prefix=stm.prefix)
    memo_key = PasswordKey(account, pubkey, role="memo", prefix=stm.prefix)
    owner_key = PasswordKey(account, pubkey, role="owner", prefix=stm.prefix)
    # get publick keys
    # active_pubkey = active_key.get_public_key()
    # owner_pubkey = owner_key.get_public_key()
    # posting_pubkey = posting_key.get_public_key()
    memo_pubkey = memo_key.get_public_key()
    # get private keys
    active_privkey = active_key.get_private_key()
    posting_privkey = posting_key.get_private_key()
    owner_privkey = owner_key.get_private_key()
    memo_privkey = memo_key.get_private_key()

    print('posting_privkey:', str(posting_privkey))
    print('active_privkey:', str(active_privkey))
    print('owner_privkey:', str(owner_privkey))
    print('memo_privkey:', str(memo_privkey))

if __name__ == '__main__':
    with suppress(KeyboardInterrupt):

执行程序:python dappcoder newcoder
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