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I was walking to the LRT station from my office last Thursday. It's drizzling. I saw this fella sitting by the wall besides the building... Looking at me...

And I had to "shoot" it since he/she was posing for me... So I took two shots... I would want to get closer but then again I didn't want to scare him/her away... So this was the best distance... I didn't zoom my phone camera either... Wanna "shoot and run" as it's drizzling...🤣🤣🤣



Happy with the two shots I got... I guess this little fella stays nearby here as I always see him/her wandering around... Not sure whether there's any more other cats but I only see one all the time...

Happy Caturday / Happy Saturday everyone! MEOW...

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I really like the second photo! That turned out well for a "shoot and run." I don't think I would mind the rain as much if I didn't wear glasses. I don't like it when they get all rain-spotted and I can't see well.

I have glasses on, and I don't like to get my feet wet... 😅
I don't like to be outdoor when it's raining.

What a little cutie! Were you tempted to take it home? It looks so young to be out on its own in the world.

Nope. I won't take it back home now because I know I couldn't make time to take care of it.