Am I out of the loop?

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What happened to The site has gone empty, but I don't see any announcement on their Steem account

I just noticed this because someone told me the links to my Steem profile on my new website weren't working. I don't post on Busy, but I thought it would be nice to use them for some of the links instead of Steemit.

busy nothing here.png

And what is PALnet? I see the name come up here and there with no explanation. Is it a new Steem app? What makes it different?


not even opening very strange thing happened

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Tip from Discord: you can use
But I still don't know what went wrong.
Update: I hear Heroku, their cloud platform, took the site down after a DMCA takedown request.

Looks like the busy app has gone from the server it was running on. A little worrying.

Palnet is another interface to Steem. As I understand it the difference is that they rank everything by their own PAL tokens, but you actually earn Steem there too. If you use the #palnet tag then your posts appear there, as this one did. So you should earn some PAL on it. You also need to check on Steem-Engine to see if you were allocated some PAL there and you can claim what you have earned there. I do not fully understand it, but I am happy to earn more tokens for little extra work.

When you have some PAL you need to 'stake' it, which is the equivalent of powering up. The Palnet trending page is more useful than Steemit as the bots have no influence on it.

Thanks for the explanation. Now I remember I did read about PAL before they had a token. With SMTs, a lot of groups are going to be doing something like this. In the meantime, I see a lot of people are still using the busy tag for all kinds of topics while is still offline.

I'll try out Steemengine, and also Dtube's parallel blockchain, but I don't like the fragmentation while the Steem community is still small.

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Thanks for the answer :\

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