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RE: How to build an audience

in #blog4 months ago

Valid points to gain popularity among the hive blockchain....but everything comes to a point where the contents need to be read.....the other day i was wondering how many of the big stake holders ever care read an article on hive or they simply care about the top authors that goes around the......(my apologize if I am speaking my mind)

If they never care about to read the work of the lower stakeholder or user of low reputation then it never comes down to gaining any audience ...


Very good point. Some of the large stakeholders ive found, don’t get out there to show some support for the newer people. That’s not always the case but often is. It would be cool to have some of them check out new users, after all we all start somewhere.

Thanks for the support ,,..hope I don't get blacklisted for speaking up openly ....keeping finger crossed