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I don't have much to say other than I'm still on a phase where I'm less active on Steem. I suppose it's that engagement online doesn't really provide much satisfaction for me at the moment, hence I'm not reaching out much on other content, but will always answer comments that people give me. I guess the physical life is more appealing for me, for now at least.

First day of 2020

Staying in the cottage with my friends, the last day staying there I noticed a beautiful sun set breaking in and got a really nice shot of it with a tripod. Friends also had some sparkles so we could do some long-exposure shenanigans with them.

DSC_3288 Custom.jpg

DSC_3295 Custom.jpg

DSC_3298 Custom.jpg

DSC_3299 Custom.jpg

The Talisman to end all Talismans

Another thing keeping me busy during the holidays was the Grand Talisman with all spices, meaning every existing expansion was included in this game of Talisman for which we reserved 2 whole days – and that's pretty much how long it took to finish it with 6 players and countless of deaths and respawns. I can say that at this level Talisman is definitely a challenge for concentration stamina; way too many variables going on at once, especially with all the expansions together and the added mechanics that come with them. Don't think we're gonna do another "all spice" again for a while, but at least it's now finally done after thinking about it for years.

DSC_3306 Custom.jpg

DSC_3304 Custom.jpg

DSC_3308 Custom.jpg


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2 whole days for a game? Must have been exhausting

Sorry, I forgot to mention that we did sleep in between. Still takes a lot nonetheless.

I'm impressed at the game marathon! I've never heard of this game Talisman but it must be very involved and entertaining.
Nice photos using the sparkles.
@tipu curate

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I've never heard of this game Talisman but it must be very involved and entertaining.

Oh yeah, we really do get involved with the game, so much so that we have our custom house rules written down for the cases that we couldn't find answers for from the official rules.

Hey, offline life is more rewarding, period.

And if yer not feeling it, there's no point posting.

Happy new year!

Hey, offline life is more rewarding, period.

Yeah, I've noticed I prefer talking to faces rather than avatars.

And if yer not feeling it, there's no point posting.

Yeah. I'm still into photographs so there's gonna be some posts once I just get into all the photos that I've yet to sort out, still bunch of them from Thailand.

Cheers for a new year!

Ever tried writing on Psilocybin? might make for a fun post ;D

You're giving me some crazy ideas, but because I'm the way I am, I actually like you're idea, lol.


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The long exposure sparklers are really cool... never heard of Talisman, but great shots of the board pieces. Hope 2020s been good to you so far!

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The long exposure sparklers are really cool...

Thanks, they turned out surprisingly good.

2020 has been really good thus far.

Hope you are well friend! And hope you are using your camera, even if you don't share the results for us.

Kaikki hyvin etelässä, paitti että talvesta ei ole vielä tietoakaan. Kyllä voisin kuviani jaella, mutta ongelmaksi on muodostunut koneeni, jonka netti ykskaks lakkasi toimimasta, ja johon en vielä ole keksinyt ratkaisua.

Sometimes real life is better than online, but not always. Good to know that you are around. I'm glad that you still are, even if it is less. LMAO tabletop will definitely absorb time c:

Yeah I'm gonna be lurking around and voting at the least, with the occasional post every now and then.

Very spicy indeed. I look forward to your 2020 adventures~

Thanks for helping out on downvoting crap

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