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Doing bird things..

Camera ~ LensNikon D3400 DSLR ~ 55-200 mm

Prompt / Theme: Define good, bad and evil.

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Thanks for having a look 👍

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What lovely photos indeed! ^_^

Hmm good, bad, and evil.. let's see.. good is doing things beneficial to many; bad is doing something that harms others whether intentionally or unintentionally; evil is intentionally doing harm to everyone, including the environment.

Have a great day! ^_^

I decided to give each entry the prize. Thanks again 👍

Thank you so much 🙂🙂

!giphy thank you

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What're your thoughts on things that are both good and bad; beneficial to many and causing harm to some? Are they either good or bad?

Thanks for responding 👍

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I take the case of mining. It's good for finding resources. However, most times it harms the environment and makes the place uninhabitable. The same case with urban development. Acres upon acres paved to make way for more housing. Yet it harms wildlife and nature. Got to strive the balance I suppose. Push more for sustainable growth.

Nice looking bird. I assume the barbed wire is to keep others out rather than to keep the bird in. :D

I think of good and bad as valence indicators. They describe how a person feels about something. The same thing could be good or bad to different people. For example - Bitcoin goes Down. Long guy thinks that is bad, but Short guy thinks that is good.

Evil, to me, is more of an intent to do something generally recognized to be bad, with little to no empathy or remorse. The intent part means only an intelligent agent can be evil. A volcano can produce bad results but it's not evil. People can do evil acts but I don't think you can call anyone an evil person, since they aren't always evil. They weren't born evil nor are they possessed by some evil spirit. When they are doing evil things, its due to their inherited traits such as level of empathy (low) or aggressiveness (high), in combination with environmental factors such as upbringing, peers and luck.

Finally, I'll say that good and evil are endpoints on a continuum. Its easier for people to categorize in a binary fashion rather than to assess where something is on a scale. However, I believe almost everything is a shade of grey rather than black or white. It's easier to label something someone else has done as good or bad, or saintly or evil, and its usually based on how the thing relates to themselves and/or whether the person doing the thing is in their "tribe" or not. It takes much more time and rationality with emotional control to think about the nuances of things.

As an after thought, these terms are often used in religious contexts. I didn't go into it here, but there is a lot to say on that matter. God is thought to exist because if there is good, and there are ranges of goodness, then God is that entity that is perfectly good - from Aquinas' 4th argument. Similarly Satan/Lucifer/the Devil would be evil incarnate, although he started as an angel and then became a sort of prosecuting attorney for God before he became the personification of evil.

Have a good day! :)

I decided to give each entry the prize. Thanks again 👍

Well, if a barbed wire fence would keep more of these birds around, I'm sure we'd have more.

Thanks for the detailed response 👍

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Great blues on that little guy. I like the composition catching the shadow of the wire right at the beak.

Good, bad and evil are all subjective terms. What is good for me, may not be good for you etc.

Also, good, bad and evil value judgments have to be applied one by one to each circumstance you look at.

One example I can think of is morphine. It's good when it helped my hospice patient ease pain in the last two weeks of her life. It's bad when a 20 something wastes time messing with it. It's evil when someone uses it on a 10 year old sex slave.

That's all I've got. So happy to see you back, @kiokizz.

I decided to give each entry the prize. Thanks again 👍

I didn't go too far :) Just been focusing on some other things.

Thanks for taking the time to answer 👍

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You're welcome, @kiokizz. Interesting ask :)

What a colourful suit he put on. I bet he's going on a date! 😁
Nice photos!

👍 Nicely dressed.

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Thanks 👍

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