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“Blissful whose Passion is their Profession.”

• George Bernard Shaw •


• Photos by @Tesmoforia, with a Lumix/Panasonic DMC-FH2. Gif by @Vanuzza


Every Crafter, at one moment (many moments) of our lives, had gone through the instant a family member comes to say:

"Hey, I need a gift for so-and-so..."
"[Here, you already know where the thing is leading to]"
"Can you make, I don’t know, one of those pretty things you do so I can gift it to them?"
"... Well, sure... When do you need it?"
"... At what time do you require it?"
"Well, I’m already taking a shower to go to the party :D"

And that was exactly what happened to me yesterday.

Yesterday, my Mom asked me to make a gift for a 5 years old girl; and without much inspiration (since I don’t really know what today children like, besides Peppa, that pig who looks more like a penis than a pig) neither much emotion, I gave a look to the nearest supplies’ box.



• "30 minutes!, 5 kinds of silk ribbons, 4 buttons, 1 applique and hot glue." - Photos by @Tesmoforia, with a Lumix/Panasonic DMC-FH2.


The first thing I did was this "Mini Cork Board"; Does little girls still play with Barbies right?.

I hope they do ~



• "30 minutes!, texturized fabric ribbon in two different sizes, needle and thread, 1 brooch, and 1 shinning applique.” - Photos by @Tesmoforia, with a Lumix/Panasonic DMC-FH2.


The second thing I did was this hair ribbon. I asked to the neighbors who were going to the party and apparently, hair ribbons are the trendy gift since a long time lately.

« The following text is a little bitter and can’t be hurtful to certain people »

• • •

Run! Run!.png

• "Despite what I will say below, these 2 details were made with much love, because they were requested by my mom and she’s a considerate person who only asks for help when she really needs it." - Photos by @Tesmoforia, with a Lumix/Panasonic DMC-FH2.

• • •

Sincerely, I don’t like when people asks me to "solve gifts", because at first they ask you with a lot of calm, but then they start getting too picky or making disgust faces because "they would had liked something else", even if you were asking right from the start "What do you want me to do?, How would you like it?," and the answer is always the same, "Oh I don’t know, whatever you want ".

Or they use that single quote that I really feel scorn too due how passive-aggressive and conditioning it is: "And It will be better to be super pretty, you hear me?!

• • •

• Now, each time I heard them say that fucking little quote,
I automatically cancel whatever they had requested #ForBeingRude

• • •

Don’t get me wrong, I really love to gift things to my friends, loved and admired people I like a lot, I love crafting with a lot of effort and gift my creations, actually:

• • •

« I end gifting almost everything I make, I never keep a thing made by me for a long amount of time »

(And when I travel, I usually bring gifts with me whenever I’m going to meet a friend in person).

• • •

But I also happens that I had gone through many bad experiences where people had used me a lot only to be fine with third-parties, I had lost a lot of supplies and money that was never returned back, due this thing of "Help me making a gift, one of those beautiful things you do, I need to get along with so-and-so".

• • •

• Never underestimate how cynic can people be •

• • •

Nothing was paid to me ever, since whenever I would mention the prices and ask for the payment, my family would scold me and invalidate me with that garbage of "You don’t charge the family!".

The worst is that they had money enough to pay me, but they didn’t do it just because they were really miser, and due a strange superiority complex like "I can take whatever I want without paying because you owe me sympathy and complacency".

• • •

« Sometimes, family sucks, since they quickly ruin business and ventures, and this is far more common from what you would expect »

• • •

That’s why, I would like to tell you that if you have a Crafter family member or someone who manages some kind of product or service that you could need, don’t take advantage of them, that person invested money and time in making what they sell, time is a valuable resource that won’t be recovered; so please, have some common sense and assume the reality that this person also has bills to pay, goals to accomplish, and a refrigerator to fill!.

• • •

• Fortunately, you learn to say NO with time •

• • •

It’s very different when the Crafter is who would like to help and they spontaneously offer you to do something for free; but you shall wait for the person to say if they want or not to help you as you expect them to do, and if they don’t, respect when they tell you their prices, don’t bargain their work and please don’t start complaining about "Why are you going to chaaaaarge me!?".

The "Solve my Gift" Culture shall die.

Thank you so much for Reading!

✨ 🍓 ✨ Happy, soft, and creative day to All ✨ 🍓 ✨

✨ 🍃 ✨


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