It's time to show you my art work...I've been threatening to do so for a long time.

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I'm always saying how untalented I am at art. I'm not joking about it either; I am literally the worst artist on the planet. Seriously, they did a survey; I have the results.

I know I'm bad at art, but curiously, many here on steem keep telling me how good I could be if I tried. How they know this miraculous piece of information about me I cannot say...However I thought I'd put some effort into an artwork and prove them wrong. Today's the day.

In this post I'm going to draw a self portrait...A full body-length drawing of me and I'm going to make an attempt to capture the true essence of me as accurately as I can. I'll show you the step by step also, so you know it's not plagiarised work, and see my genius in action...Here goes.

Stage one...

The begining...My body starts to take shape here. The keen-eyed among you, the truly gifted artists, will also possibly make out the beginnings of my head, or "noggin",as I often refer to it. You will note, and this is for those who know me well, that it is most accurately depicted as a bulbous and pumpkin-shaped appendage that sits, like most people's heads, upon my neck which is also faithfully recreated here.

On to the next stage...

Here, and after much work, you can see I have added my legs. Particular effort went into recreating the musculature of my legs in minute detail. Again, those familiar with the human body, will note the expert way I have shown my feet, both pointing in opposite directions...I've added this imagery into my artwork to demonstrate the juxtaposition between the "self" who could be an amazing artist and the "self" who is in fact the worlds worst artist. The dichotomy of my inner "artist." Either way, the result is hypnotic, don't you think?

On to the next stage...

Now things begin to really take shape with the addition of my arms and hands. Again, I have taken careful note of my massive biceps, triceps and forearms ensuring that my picture was true to life. You can see here, that when I posed for myself to draw...myself...I adopted a reasonably typical, every-day sort of pose much like you may do yourself many times a day. I believe it lends my piece a certain "joie de vivre", some "Ooo la la." Agree? Artists take note of the pen strokes and how they generally manage not to ever meet cleanly at their juncture-points; More clever imagery to demonstrate my artistic diversity and eclectic "devil may care" attitude towards my craft.

And now the final stage...

Drawing eyes can be difficult...But not for me because, like those steem people suggested, I tried hard. You may think the eyes drawn here are different sizes and the eyeballs are looking in different directions...But no! It is simply my clever drawing ability drawing the eyes so that they follow the viewer, no matter where they shift. Go on, try it out. The same with my ears here...One seems larger than the other but that's also a ruse...It is, indeed, simply perspective being utilised to draw the observer into the picture. Clever huh?

The rest of my face...Well, this is very accurate depiction of me...So no stealing this image to create a fake ID in my name please. Have some respect. I don't have curly hair, that's a little artistic flair I put in, some imagery to indicate that an artists career takes twists and turns, never a straight road. Oh, please forgive that little boo boo in the lower right corner. I dropped the pen.

OK, so no I didn't ingest some wacky mushrooms prior to writing this...Although I think the stick figure in my drawing might have...I'm just having some fun.

I'm really terrible at drawing as you can see. I mean terrible. Here's the thing though...I'm ok with it. Sure, I sometimes wish I could draw better but not strongly enough to do anything about it. I mean, I also sometimes wish I lived in a tree house on paradise island with an endless packet of nacho-cheese corn chips and a robot to do all the chores...It doesn't mean I want to invest any effort in doing so.

I come from a very artistic family. My father was an artist...You can see his scribble in the very first image...This is a doodle he did that I saved. The thing is, my artistic flair doesn't extend to drawing or painting. Not that I'm aware anyway, unless someone may call this stick man good work? Nah, didn't think so. I play the piano though, well; Played the trumpet and bass guitar in a jazz band and certainly think creatively. Is that art? Hmm, not sure. Maybe though.

I believe we all have talents and whilst they come out in various ways, they are still talents. Right? I'm not one of those people who says a person can be or do whatever they wish, it's a little naive. It doesn't mean I squash people's dreams, or my own...Just that I think it's important to play to one's strengths and to understand what can and can't be, or do.

Anyway, I don't want to get to deeply into it because this post is me just fucking around and having a little fun...Because I can...It's my blog after all.

I'd like to see some of your art though...Seriously. If you think you can draw as good as me I'd like to see it. You have to draw yourself though...You can use any media too. Pen and ink, charcoal, water-colours, oil paints, crayon...The pen on a string at the post Office...Your choice.


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I always like seeing the different stages of a drawing unfold lol. Nice work ☺

Thanks. Yeah, I figured that showing the complexity of the piece would demonstrate my ability fully. 😄


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Great 😂

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Haha, thanks mate. Just a bit of fun.

Don't feel too bad. I'm also suck. 🤣

I actually decided to 'start drawing' about a month ago. I never really drew as a kid even. I mean, much like you, I did lots of other things, many in the music category (including piano, which I also played well).

BUT! I actually DO think pretty much anyone can do pretty much anything. It's simply dependant on your work ethic (ability to do REALLY boring things over and over in hopes of a magical outcome), not so much talent... though talent DOES encourage us to keep going. 😉

I've been 'trying' a lot of new things lately... to see what I'm really good at. I'm good at most things... but really good? I've still not found that.

Oh! And you are the SPITTING image of my husband (except for the hair).

Here he is playing video games:


Practically the same, just a different angle. Well, and he's got a beard.

This was drawn on my phone, with my finger about 3 years ago.

I'd share what I've been working on the last month, but don't wanna make you feel bad. 😎

I'm thinking about sharing a bunch of my creations in a post... but again... I'm SO AMAZING... it may crush others. 😏

I heard it takes 10,000 hours or 10 years of doing something to become an expert. I'm 38... so I still have hope!

Haha, yes that's it! Amazing! I can hardly believe your talent here...The way you have captured every fine detail of your husband's visage! Truly inspired.

Actually, in real life I have a beard, a scroll through my blog will demonstrate that. But in my artwork last night I decided to create something more whimsical. 🙂

Hey, don't get me wrong, I think effort leads to achievement...But am a realist and there's things a person simply can't do...So the broad statement of, you can do anything you set your mind to do, is a little inacurate.

We all have talents...Could a blind, no armed man be a F35 Raptor fighter pilot? Maybe...But unlikely. Could a 10 year old dawrf be the heavy weight champion of the world? No. But, through hard work and effort could they achieve great things in their chosen field or be the best at whatever they set their mind to? Yep. Commensurate to their physical a d mental ability of course. That's all I meant.

38 is young. I'm 49...No hope for me now...I'm destined to be an amazing artist...But never an astronaut.

Thanks for playing along and for your comments. 🤣

I totally agree on all counts.

Though I snort-laughed when I read:

Could a blind, no armed man be a F35 Raptor fighter pilot? Maybe

Good lord, I hope not! 🤣

Also, generally, I think 'anything you put your mind to' still works... except (insert current year) has gotten outta whack... So while before it stood to reason that a blind person with no arms would have NO INTEREST in becoming a F35 Raptor Fighter Pilot (so specific)... cause LOGIC. Nowadays I feel like that is just asking for its own TV show.

And... now I walk away slowly hoping no one noticed me...
Thanks for the fun!

Haha...Great image! And yes, I agree with all you say...Thanks so much for joining in. Engagement is what keeps me here.

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I like this piece, the angle of the legs seem to lend a certain gravitas to the message. The intentional mistake acting as a counterpoint to the serious message contained within.


Haha...Why thank you...A nice accolade from the great man himself. I thought to have some fun...Was in a whimsical mood. 🤣

I must have a bad imagination as I just can not make out the image of one @galenkp.

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Haha! Squint...That may do the trick.

Righto I will try that👍

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The subtlety of your depiction of your right ankle is sublime. You captured the moment of that “accidental” injury Taraz inflicted when you were eight years old. Why he thought a frying pan, a cat, and an egg beater were appropriate things to practice juggling with remains a mystery.


Actually, that ankle caused me so many artistic problems but I'm glad it came out so splendidly. I agonised over it and laboured over it for hours a second or two.

I'm having egg beater flashbacks now. 🙈

Thanks for commenting and coming by in the first place.

Hahaha I looked at the first image and thought wow this is a guy of many talents! When I scrolled down a bit it was clear to me this was going to be a fun post to read. You know what, you don't have to be good at everything. It only sucks when it makes you feel bad that you aren't satisfied yourself.. I read you're ok with it, so you're fine lol.

I dropped this post for curation in the Neoxian City server, the vote will follow shortly!

Thanks for another fun post!

Hey there...I can't take credit for my dad's scribble and so decided to create some real art! 😂

Actually, was just truing to have a little fun...Show people that I'm a kooky bugger sometimes and have a personality...Thanks for your curation, this is greatly appreciated...Now the big question...

Where's your self-drawing...


Nah, I get that. You did the right thing!
My self-drawing.. pff no time for that stuff atm, I wish I could find the peace of mind and time to do some drawing. Closest I've come to that point is drawing the outlines of a Christmas tree like 6 times last week, so my daugher could colour the inside and also draw some balls in the tree. Next week she has her very first Christmas celebration at school, and I want to give the kindergarten teachers a card she made with chocolates or something. So for now, that's all hehe.

Have a good weekend!

I bet you got the Christmas tree drawing pretty much perfect by now. 🤗

You should quit your day job and go full time into drawing. That portrait is amazing! Although, you should probably stay away from power tools as you only have three digits left on each hand. :)

I am also not the greatest at drawing. I am good at other things and I am okay with that.

Haha! You know it's funny you should say that...I quit my job today and bought a loft studio in the funky side of town...Donned some eclectic looking clothing, nothing matches of course, and a beret hat. Gonna be rich off my art. Thankfully I'm so talented.

Ah yes, I'll write about that time I was eating a donut and didn't remember to move my fingers...Chomped right though them. 😂


LOL you had me with the title and thumbnail!

That was the plan...But then you saw my miraculous and and amazing drawing and you felt compelled to comment. Thank you...Now...Where it YOUR amazing self-drawing?


I was going to explode when I saw the first picture however I think I'm dying of laughter now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Haha, please don't die...Not completely anyway...We need you.

Thanks for commenting...Now...Where's your drawing of you?!


Now...Where's your drawing of you?!


Now that will be suicidal 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Come on...I mean it may be difficult to attain the perfection, and amazing resemblance, my artistic flair has managed...But have a go!

Lol I'll get to it soon hahaha, day has been made. Lol oh my! Keep up the artwork

Keep up the artwork

I might draw you next...

Given the late stage that "mistake" occurred I'm not convinced it was a mistake XP

I've told people on here before that even stick figures can be expressive and creative. You were probably one of them. Though I can't remember who I did the demo drawing for.

I'm pretty sure you've seen my art but here's a shenanigans selfie.


Music is absolutely artistic. I may be able to colour pixels on a screen but I have no idea how people are able to come up with music. Or play trumpets XD Even coding is creative (if you don't believe me find a coder and watch them working out how to solve the various ridiculous dramas that crop up).

It was a mistake...Honest...(Uncrosses fingers).

So, that doodle huh? Pretty good likeness...Way too artistic though. Hard to hide your talent. I can see you're drawing me in it though...Such a good likeness of us both!

Nice artworks. To support your artwork talents discovery, I did this masterpiece art of drawing too, here, hopes it inspired other talents to showcase their uniqueness arts too

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Well well well...Another master artist appears! And such talent too!

I have to say...The talent here on steem is amazing...Michelangelo who? Picasso who? Forget it...Steem-artists is where it's at! 😃

I love you use of perspective through having one foot bigger than the other. Masterful!

Thanks for getting involved. It's on the blockchain now so no one can deny your magnificence when it comes to art!

agree infinity percent sir! now long live master artist of steem blockchain! may our arts live forever imprint on it 😁

Couldn't agree more! 😉

Oh... Would You L @ @ k at that....!!!

No..... It is not a Rocket Launch.....



It is @galenkp after letting loose all the smoke blown up his ars about his awful art work.... Lmao

Really tho. You can draw Me anytime. That selfie you penned was way thinner than the real Galen... And I could use a few less kilos. (lbs.)

Challenge accepted...

I also happen to know that that rocket symbolises your massive HORN when you saw my picture.

I am sorry to ruin the fantasy yer havin. But that self portrait was thee most unsexual thing I have seen today.

Maybe the canvas (pen / paper) is not your thing, unless we paint a bulls eye on it....


(src memes)

Shooting is art right....? Then we are talking talent. Manley, pew pew pew, hit the target talent.

Hit the target, Your thee Man..!!


I'm not believing you.

Hahahaha. Lol. You really tried so much. Artistic talent show up.

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Yes, one of the most accomplished artists on steem I'd say...No one else would, but I tried so it must be true right?

I saw this on @ocd’s curation page—they sure know how to curate over there! @galenkp—you’re a natural.

Haha, a naturally terrible artist maybe! 🙈

I think maybe your talented hand could’ve drawn a follow button, somehow it’s eluded me this whole time—problem solved.

Haha...Well, there's only so much talent to spare you see. It seems I was saving it up for my masterpiece've followed now, and I am grateful, so all is well in the world again. 🙏

You had me at the first half, not gonna lie 😂

It's never too late to learn how to draw. I just got started last September and its a step by step process. Just learning about values gave my drawings a huge improvement that I was even surprised that I was able to come up with something I was proud to share xd.

These were my outputs on the first and second week of drawing class. We were told to start off with still life objects and now we're moving on to sceneries starting this January xd.

You know, if you asked me to draw myself @galenkp, I'd pretty much look up for a reference online who looks similar to me. Otherwise I'd also give you one of my proud stickman drawings lmao

Your drawings look pretty good, thanks for sharing them. Mine is good too...A classic masterpiece really...I'm sure if you show it to your art class teacher that will be confirmed. Rarely does such talent expose itself, and yet here it is, in me. Excuse me while I take my place amongst the true masters of art.

You do know that this whole post is just me playing around and having fun right?

Thanks for sharing your art...I think I would have been more keen to see a stick figure version of you, in the spirit of fun and all. Still, it seems you're going well with your art and I wish you all the best with it.

It might have slipped off from my understanding a bit maybe 😂. My bad if it did xD.

And yeah I agree that talent for drawing and art is often hidden. For me, insecurities and anxiety kept my love for art in the shadows. And it is only now that I decided to face my fear and be proud of something I created, not because others would find it nice but because I know I did it with the best I got. Before, I'd be ashamed to share my simple doodles of stickman figures and the likes but now, I feel like they all are something I shouldn't hide.

I love your writings and your works! Hoping to see more great content cus this one definitely made my day 😂

Oh I'm sure you'll see some more. 😁

Before, I'd be ashamed to share my simple doodles of stickman figures and the likes but now, I feel like they all are something I shouldn't hide.

You should never feel ashamed for something that emerges from your creative mind. It's your's and no one else's to judge. I put my stick man here and feel zero shame that it's not as good as what someone else may do...I did it for fun, to make people smile, not for the artistic nature of it and so I feel content.

Anyway, thanks for hanging around for a bit, I appreciate it.

I am not the only one after all!!! You may not be an artist, but certainly are so creative in your writing! Thank you for sharing your talent!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend @galenkp, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Ah yes, my artistic ability is somewhat challenged I'll admit...Although you have to say...I captured the likeness quite well right? Many a fair maiden has swooned in delight at that portrait of me you know. (Not really)

Thanks for your comment on my writing. This was me just having a little fun. Life is simply a person's personality and attitude painted upon the world like brushstrokes after all. I work to make mine a masterpiece...Like my self-portrait us. 😉

Nice! Best article about drawing! Love it

Thank you...It's just a bit of fun...It amused me to write it and as I draw my reward here on steem in enjoyment rather than financially it has worked perfectly.

I am also pleased you dropped by, read my post and took the time to comment. Thank you kindly.


Lol is about all that's required here I think. 🤣

Hi @galenkp, do you know how to do digital illustration? I am looking for an artist to help with my personal brands. Reach me out on my instagram, ejmemento

No...I'm analogue, but thanks for thinking I may have that skill... Unfortunately my artistic magnificence only extends to drawing like in this post. I know, tremendous skill I have right? 🤣

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Hi larious

Thank you 😄

I'm impressed, the way you captured the drawing and its interpretation is what catches the most.

Ah thank you @millyteach I can tell you have a great appreciation for masterful and magnificent artworks. Don't tell anyone, but I've been approached by the Louvre in Paris who would like to hang my work in the gallery, instead of the Mona Lisa, so I'm in negotiations...Playing them off against the art gallery of New York also...May the best gallery win! 🤣

I'm glad you like it...I have captured myself well in that piece and looking at it is exactly like looking at the real me, in real life. Handsome aren't I?

Thanks for stopping by Milly.


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🙂 nuff said huh? 😂


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Thank you.

lol..this is so funny sir galenkp..cracked me up! I think your fathers drawing is fantastic and I know very few people who aren't gifted in SOMETHING.

Haha, I'd like to see your drawing of yourself cobber...Come on, I know you want to.

lol..I'm afraid it would be similar to yours except worse. I have zero art abilities, probably why I admire them so much.

I'm afraid it would be similar to yours except worse.

Similar to mine would make it awesome dude...What are you saying here?

Seriously though, I couldn't draw well if my life depended on it.

Anyone can be better! If you really pursue it then go!

Yes, I agree...You can see from my magnificent drawing that I have improved to expert-levels. There is a real chance that I am indeed the best artist in the history of the world.