Thought I'd do a more comprehensive workout than just pushups. Don't get me wrong, ...

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... pushups are great but I wanted to do something else today. Besides, doing more than just pushups I can combine @davidke20 s #fitness2020 and @appics & @actifit #getinshapechallenge.

Decided to use kettlebells. I have my 8 kg, 10 kg and 12 kg kettlebells at the school where I instruct once a week so had to get by with 6 kg kettlebells. I think I still got a proper workout. We'll see that tomorrow. Or is it feel that tomorrow.

The video is mostly headless but thank goodness I managed to get my butt right in the middle of it almost all the time. I did mention something about having space issues when taking a video at home. Fortunately, among all the stuff there is here on the floors, I found a good crack to workout in. 😁

What did I do:
20 feet up toe touch crunches, 2x 6 kg kettlebells
20 sit ups, 2x 6 kg
2x 20 rows, 6 kg
20 hip thrusts 3x 6 kg
20 abbs crunches + triceps, 6 kg
2x 20 side plank lifts, 6 kg
2x 20 lunges, 2x 6 kg
2 slow pushups ties on the floor, hands on kettlebell handles
7 twists in deep squat

I didn't dare to try a third slow pushup because the base was so wobbly.



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